2.30.010    Definitions.

2.30.020    Application.

2.30.040    Appointment and terms.

2.30.050    Vacancies.

2.30.060    Removal.

2.30.070    Officers.

2.30.080    Conflict of interest.

2.30.090    Freedom from improper influence.

2.30.100    Quorum.

2.30.110    Compensation.

2.30.120    Rules.

2.30.130    Minutes.

2.30.140    Open meetings.

2.30.010 Definitions.

"Board" or "Commission" means one of the Boards or Commissions created within this Title 2.

"Member" or "Commissioner" means a Member of a Board or Commission. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.020 Application.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the Boards or Commissions established pursuant to this Title 2. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.040 Appointment and terms.

Members of Boards and Commissions shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall be confirmed by a majority of the whole Council before assuming office. Terms shall begin on the first day of January and shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of the last year of the respective term. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.050 Vacancies.

Upon vacancy by death, resignation or other cause, the Mayor, with confirmation by the majority of the whole City Council, shall fill the vacancy by appointing a new Member for the unexpired portion of the term. Such vacancy shall be filled within forty five days of the vacancy. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.060 Removal.

A Member may only be removed during their respective term of office by the Mayor for cause of incapacity, incompetence, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office or for a disqualifying change of residence. Neglect of duty occurs if a Member is absent for two consecutive meetings or hearings without an excuse, or is absent from four meetings or hearings per year without excuse, excuses being permitted for personal or family illness and vacations. A Member wishing to be excused from a meeting or hearing must notify the Finance Officer/Clerk prior to the meeting or hearing. The absence and reason therefore shall be announced at the time roll call is taken at the meeting or hearing and shall be recorded as excused or unexcused in the minutes of the meeting or hearing. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.070 Officers.

Members of a Board or Commission shall elect a chairperson and secretary, whose terms shall run for one calendar year, and until a new chairperson and secretary are appointed for the subsequent calendar year. The chairperson shall preside over all meetings of the Board or Commission, and the secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and of all proceedings of the Board or Commission. Minutes of all meetings shall be filed with the Finance Officer/Clerk. (Ord 08-231 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.080 Conflict of interest.

No Member of a Board or Commission shall conduct or participate in any hearing, decision or recommendation in which the Member has a direct or indirect personal, familial or financial interest which might exert such influence upon the Member that might interfere with their decision-making ability. Any actual or potential conflict of interest shall be disclosed to the parties immediately upon discovery of such conflict. The Member shall then abstain from any participation in the proceedings. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.090 Freedom from improper influence.

No person, including City Officials, elective or appointive, or any other person, shall attempt to influence a Member of a Board or Commission in any matter pending before them, except at a public hearing duly called for such purpose, or to interfere with a Member of a Board or Commission in the performance of their duties in any other way; provided that this section shall not prohibit the City Attorney from rendering legal services to the members upon request. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.100 Quorum.

A majority of the Members of a Board or Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Any action taken by a majority of Members present at any regular or special meeting of a Board or Commission is the action of a Board or Commission. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.110 Compensation.

No member of the board shall receive compensation for services performed. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.120 Rules.

A Board or Commission may prescribe rules and regulations not inconsistent with the Quincy Municipal Code for the management and operation of the Board or Commission, and the conduct of proceedings before the Board or Commission. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.130 Minutes.

Minutes of meetings of Boards and Commissions shall be filed with the Finance Officer/Clerk. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.30.140 Open meetings.

Meetings of Boards and Commissions are subject to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act, RCW 42.17, et. seq. (Ord 07-200 §2)