2.32.010    Creation – Appointment.

2.32.020    Powers and duties.

2.32.030    Qualifications.

2.32.040    Terms.

2.32.010 Creation – Appointment.

Pursuant to the authority conferred by Chapter 35A.63 RCW, and to implement the review process required by Chapter 36.70C RCW and Title 17 of this code, there is created a Planning Commission, consisting of five (5) members. (Ord 12-298 §2; Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 01-86 §7 (Ex E))

2.32.020 Powers and duties.

A. Generally. The Planning Commission shall have all powers and perform all duties specified for the planning agency by RCW Chapter 35A.63, together with any other duties or authority which may be conferred upon them by laws of the state, or the Code, including without limitation the Land Use Code; provided, that nothing in this chapter shall be construed as limiting the right of the City to exercise any power granted to any class of city as provided by law.

B. Additional Powers and Duties. The Planning Commission shall conduct public hearings relating to the comprehensive plan and the implementation thereof, including but not limited to zoning, official map, and platting and subdivision regulations. The Planning Commission is also authorized to review and make recommendations on the adoption and the enforcement of coordinated plans and regulations for the physical development of the City. The Planning Commission shall be advisory and it shall advise the Council for final approval of such items by the Council. The Planning Commission is further authorized and empowered to cooperate with other commissions, with other public agencies of cities, counties, the state, and the United States in planning, conservation and development. (Ord 07-200 §2)

2.32.030 Qualifications.

Members of the Planning Commission shall be appointed solely with regard to their qualifications for the duties of their office and will have such training and experience as will qualify them to conduct hearings and to discharge the other duties conferred upon them and shall attend such classes and programs required by the Mayor. Particular emphasis should be given to land use and/or administrative law experience. Members of the Planning Commission shall hold no other elective or appointed office or position in City government and shall be residents of the urban growth area of the City throughout the term of their appointment. (Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 01-86 §7 (Ex E))

2.32.040 Terms.

The terms of each member of the Planning Commission shall be four years, beginning on the first day of January and expiring on the thirty-first day of December. The terms of the Planning Commission members shall be staggered so that the terms end based upon the following schedule:

Position 1: December 31, 2012

Position 2: December 31, 2013

Position 3: December 31, 2014

Position 4: December 31, 2015

Position 5: December 31, 2015

(Ord 12-298 §2; Ord 08-233 §1; Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 01-86 §7 (Ex E))