2.34.010    Establishment – Purpose.

2.34.020    Commissioners.

2.34.030    Meetings – Action.

2.34.010 Establishment – Purpose.

There is created the Independent Salary Commission for the City, the purpose of which is to independently establish the salaries of the elected officers of the City pursuant to RCW 35.21.015. (Ord 07-199 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)

2.34.020 Commissioners.

A. Eligibility. The Independent Salary Commission shall consist of five (5) Commissioners, all of whom shall be residents of the City, and none of whom may be an officer, official, or employee of the City or any of their parents, spouses, siblings, children, or dependent relatives, whether or not living in the household of the officer, official, or employee.

B. Appointment – Terms. Commissioners shall be appointed by the Mayor, with approval by the Council. A Commissioner’s term shall be four (4) years, beginning on the first day of January of the respective term.

C. Initial Appointment and Terms. With the establishment of the Independent Salary Commission, two Commissioners shall be appointed for four (4) year terms, two Commissioners shall be appointed for three (3) year terms, and one Commissioner member shall be appointed for a two (2) year term.

D. Maximum Terms. No Commissioner may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms as a Commissioner. (Ord 07-199 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)

2.34.030 Meetings – Action.

The Independent Salary Commission shall devote such time as may be necessary to discharge the duties devolving upon it, based upon the intent and authority of RCW 35.21.015, but shall meet at least one (1) time each calendar year, prior to September 15, so that any action of the Independent Salary Commission can be incorporated into the City’s budget for the following year. A meeting of the Independent Salary Commission may be convened at the request of two (2) Commissioners. (Ord 07-199 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)