2.42.010    Definitions.

2.42.020    Creation – Eligibility.

2.42.030    Membership – Appointment.

2.42.040    Terms.

2.42.050    Officers – Meetings.

2.42.060    Duties of Commission.

2.42.010 Definitions.

The terms used in this chapter have the following meanings:

"Commission" means the Recreation and Arts Commission.

"Park" means an area of land, with or without water, developed and used for public recreational purposes, including landscaped tracts, picnic grounds, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers, camps, foot, bicycle and bridle paths, motor vehicle drives, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, zoological and botanical gardens, facilities for bathing, boating, hunting, and fishing, as well as other recreational facilities for the use and benefit of the public. (Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 808 §2, 1991)

2.42.020 Creation – Eligibility.

There is created a Recreation and Arts Commission for the City, consisting of nine members. Position one shall be a student position filled by the alternative City Council student representative; members holding position two through seven shall reside within the service area for the Recreation and Arts Commission, a minimum of five of which shall be citizens who reside within the corporate limits of the City; one shall be a Councilperson as appointed by the Council, and one shall be the Recreation Director or their designee. The Councilperson and Recreation Director shall not vote and shall not be counted in determining if the Commission has a quorum to conduct business. (Ord 14-336 §2; Ord 11-286 §1; Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 808 §2, 1991)

2.42.030 Membership – Appointment.

With the establishment of the commission, two members shall be appointed for four-year terms, two members shall be appointed for three-year terms, two members shall be appointed for two-year terms, and one member shall be appointed for a one-year term. The first commissioners appointed other than the Councilperson and the Recreation Director shall be those citizens presently serving as the Board of Park Commissioners, and it shall be determined by lot whose term of office shall expire in one, two, three and four years respectively. The Councilperson shall work directly with the chair, meeting with the chair in setting agendas and direction and acting as liaison to the City Council. (Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 808 §2, 1991)

2.42.040 Terms.

Terms shall be four (4) years except for position one (1), the student position, which shall be for one (1) year and shall begin on June 1 of the respective term. (Ord 11-286 §1)

2.42.050 Officers – Meetings.

The Recreation and Arts Commission shall hold meetings as required, to discharge all duties devolving upon them, but no less than once per quarter. Annually at their first meeting subsequent to January 1st, members of the Commission shall meet and organize by electing from the members of the Commission a chair and a secretary. (Ord 16-465 §1; Ord 11-286 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)

2.42.060 Duties of Commission.

The Commission shall advise the Mayor, the City Council, the City Administrator, and/or other City Officials administering recreation and arts regarding the recreation and arts facilities and programs of the City. The commission shall also make recommendations pertaining to the following matters:

1. Cultural activities that will employ the leisure time of the people in a constructive and wholesome manner;

2. An annual budget recommendation submitted to the governing body of the City on or before the second Monday in August for its approval;

3. Control and supervision of the pool facilities belonging to the City, with reference to planning, promotion, management, acquisition, construction, development, maintenance and operation thereof, and compensation to be paid for concessions or privileges at the pool;

4. Control and supervision of all parks belonging to the City, with reference to planning, promotion, management, acquisition, construction, development, maintenance and operation thereof, compensation to be paid for concessions or privileges in parks or playgrounds, and or municipally-owned recreation facilities, including community buildings;

5. Advisability of entering into written contracts with any other governmental organization for the purpose of conducting a recreational program, an art program or exercising any other power granted by this chapter;

6. Development, operation and maintenance, including programming of City facilities as they relate to recreation or art, including the development of a long-range master plan; and

7. Coordination with other organizations including but not limited to federal agencies, the state of Washington and Grant County, or their successors, as it relates to recreation and art programs. (Ord 11-286 §1; Ord 07-200 §2; Ord 808 §2, 1991)