10.12.010    Records of violations.

10.12.020    Accident investigation.

10.12.030    Traffic accident studies.

10.12.040    Traffic accident reports.

10.12.050    Operators files to be maintained.

10.12.060    Annual traffic safety report.

10.12.070    City Traffic Engineer. Revised 11/19

10.12.010 Records of violations.

A. The Police Department or the Traffic Division thereof shall, with the exception of illegal parking or standing violations, keep a record of all violations of the traffic ordinances of this City or of the state vehicle laws of which any person has been charged, together with a record of the final disposition of all the alleged offenses. The record shall be so maintained as to show all types of violations and the total of each. The record shall accumulate during at least a five year period, and from that time on the record shall be maintained complete for at least the most recent five year period.

B. All forms for records of violations and notices of violations shall be serially numbered. For each month and year a written record shall be kept available to the public showing the disposal of all the forms.

C. All the records and reports shall be public records. (Ord 215 §9, 1952)

10.12.020 Accident investigation.

It shall be the duty of the Police Department to investigate traffic accidents; to arrest and to assist in the prosecution of those persons charged with violations of this title or contributing to the accidents. (Ord 215 §10, 1952)

10.12.030 Traffic accident studies.

Whenever the accidents at any particular location become numerous, the Police Department shall cooperate with the City Traffic Engineer in conducting studies of the accidents and determining remedial measures. (Ord 215 §11, 1952)

10.12.040 Traffic accident reports.

A. The Police Department shall maintain a suitable system of filing traffic accident reports. Accident reports or cards referring to them shall be filed alphabetically by location. The reports shall be available for the use and information of the City Traffic Engineer.

B. The Police Department shall receive and properly file all accident reports made to it under state law or under any ordinance of this City, but all the accident reports made by operators shall be for the confidential use of the Police Department and the City Traffic Engineer, and no such report shall be admissible in any civil or criminal proceeding other than upon request of any person making the report or upon request of the Court having jurisdiction to prove a compliance with the laws requiring the making of any such report. (Ord 215 §12, 1952)

10.12.050 Operators files to be maintained.

A. The Police Department or the Traffic Division thereof shall maintain a suitable record of all traffic accidents, warnings, arrests, convictions, and complaints reported for each operator which shall be filed alphabetically under the name of the operator concerned.

B. The division shall study the cases of all the operators charged with frequent or serious violations of this title or involved in frequent traffic accidents or any serious accident, and shall attempt to discover the reasons therefor, and shall take whatever stops are lawful and reasonable to prevent the same or to have the license of the person suspended or revoked.

C. The record shall accumulate during at least a five year period and from that time on, the records shall be maintained complete for at least the most recent five year period. (Ord 215 §13, 1952)

10.12.060 Annual traffic safety report.

The Police Department shall annually prepare a traffic report which shall be filed with the Mayor. The report shall contain information on traffic matters in this City as follows:

1. The number of traffic accidents, the number of persons killed, the number of persons injured, and other pertinent traffic accident data;

2. The number of traffic accidents investigated and other pertinent data on the safety of the police;

3. The plans and recommendation of the department for future traffic safety-activities. Copies of the report shall be furnished to each member of the City Council and shall be filed with the City Planning Commission. (Ord 215 §14, 1952)

10.12.070 City Traffic Engineer. Revised 11/19

A. The office of City Traffic Engineer is hereby established. The City Engineer shall serve as City Traffic Engineer in addition to his other functions, and shall exercise the powers and duties with respect to traffic as provided in this title.

B. It shall be the general duty of the City Traffic Engineer to determine the installation and proper timing and maintenance of traffic control devices, to conduct engineering analysis of traffic conditions and to cooperate with other City officials in the development of ways and means to improve traffic conditions, and to carry out the additional powers and duties imposed by ordinances of this City.

C. The City Traffic Engineer may test traffic control devices under actual conditions of traffic. (Ord 19-538 §5; Ord 215 §15, 1952)