13.08.010    Contracts authorized.

13.08.020    Contract form.

13.08.030    Rates.

13.08.040    Powers of the City Council.

13.08.010 Contracts authorized.

The City may from time to time contract for the sale and delivery of municipally owned water through its municipally owned water system to persons and property not resident within nor situated within the corporate limits of the City for the purpose of augmenting the revenues of the City water department and of more efficiently utilizing the City water system. (Ord 286 §1, 1956)

13.08.020 Contract form.

All such sales and deliveries shall be made pursuant to the contract, which contract shall be in such manner and form as the council may from time to time prescribe. (Ord 286 §2, 1956)

13.08.030 Rates.

In no event shall the rates charged for the sales be less than the rates charged for similar sales within the corporate limits of Quincy. (Ord 286 §3, 1956)

13.08.040 Powers of the City Council.

The power of the council to enter into any such contract for the City shall be deemed to be permissive and wholly at the discretion of the council. In construing the mandate of this chapter, the right of contract shall be deemed precatory and not mandatory. (Ord 286 §4, 1956)