13.09.010    Private use of fire hydrants.

13.09.020    Hydrant meter rental application.

13.09.030    Water usage – Fire hydrants.

13.09.010 Private use of fire hydrants.

The Public Works Maintenance Supervisor may approve fire hydrants to be used as a temporary source of water for construction work, for filling swimming pools, and for special events. Fire hydrants shall not be approved for irrigation, for businesses, or for long-term usage. All water users who are approved for temporary use of a fire hydrant shall obtain a hydrant meter from the Public Works Department, or use a meter that has been approved by the Public Works Department. A deposit of $500 is required at the time the hydrant meter is received from the City. This meter shall be used whenever a connection is made to the fire hydrant. All hydrant users shall follow the guidelines for hydrant use established by the Public Works Maintenance Supervisor. (Ord 08-242 §1)

13.09.020 Hydrant meter rental application.

The City shall require all parties interested in utilizing one of the City’s Hydrant Meters to complete a Hydrant Meter Rental Application. Such application shall include but not limited to the property information, applicant information and project details. The City shall provide the Hydrant Meter Serial Number, beginning meter reading and start date. Upon completion and return of the Hydrant Meter the City shall provide a final meter reading and date read. All agreements must be signed by the applicant upon submittal. (Ord 08-242 §1)

13.09.030 Water usage – Fire hydrants.

Water delivered through fire hydrants associated with the City’s water system shall be billed in accordance with the City’s Rate Resolution. In no event shall the rates charged for the sales be less than the rates charged for similar sales within the corporate limits of the City. (Ord 08-242 §1)