17.05.010    Preapplication meetings.

17.05.020    Applications.

17.05.030    Submission and review of application.

17.05.040    Referral and review of applications.

17.05.050    Environmental review.

17.05.060    Development fees.

17.05.010 Preapplication meetings.

A. Informal. Applicants are encouraged to participate in an informal meeting prior to the formal preapplication meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss, in general terms, the proposed development, City design standards, design alternatives, and required permits and approval process.

B. Formal. Every person proposing a development in the City, with exception of building permits, shall attend a preapplication meeting. The purpose of the preapplication meeting is to discuss the nature of the proposed development, application and permit requirements, fees, review process and schedule, and applicable plans policies and regulations. In order to expedite development review, the City may invite affected jurisdictions, agencies and/or special districts to the preapplication meeting. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.05.020 Applications.

A. Consolidation of Applications. The City shall consolidate development application and review in order to integrate the development permit and environment review process, while avoiding duplication of the review process.

B. Preparation of Applications. All applications for development permits, design review approvals, variances and other approvals under the Development Code shall be submitted on forms provided by the Land Use Administrator. All Applications shall be acknowledged by the property owner and shall be date stamped upon receipt by the Land Use Administrator.

C. Requirements of Complete Applications. An application shall be complete only when it satisfies the following criteria:

1. The application is fully completed, signed, and acknowledged, and is accompanied by all applicable review fees.

2. The application is accompanied with a fully completed, signed and acknowledged environmental checklist for projects subject to review under SEPA.

3. The application contains all information specified for the desired project in the appropriate chapters of the Code.

4. The applicant supplies all supplemental information or special studies requested by the City.

D. The applicant shall apply for all permits identified in the preapplication meeting. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.05.030 Submission and review of application.

A. Determination Application is Complete. Within twenty-eight (28) days of receiving an application, the City shall review the application and as set forth below, provide applicants with a written determination that the application is complete or incomplete.

B. Procedure for Incomplete Applications. For applications determined to be incomplete, the City shall identify, in writing, the specific requirements or information necessary for the application to be declared complete. If an applicant is advised by the City an application is not complete, the applicant shall have 90 calendar days from the date of said advice to submit the information necessary to make the application complete. Upon submission of the requested information, the City shall, within fourteen (14) days, issue a letter of completeness or identify what additional information is required. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.05.040 Referral and review of applications.

Within 5 calendar days of issuing a letter of completeness, the Land Use Administrator shall transmit a copy of the application, or appropriate parts of the application, to each affected agency and City department for review and comment, including those responsible for determining compliance with state and federal requirements, requesting comment within 15 calendar days. The referral agency or City department is presumed to have no comments if comments are not received within the 15 calendar days. The Land Use Administrator shall grant an extension of time for comment only if the application involves unusual circumstances. If all affected departments or agencies are within the City, the Land Use Administrator may schedule a meeting of a representative of each department who will meet in order to provide joint review and comment on any application. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.05.050 Environmental review.

A. Developments and planned actions subject to the provisions of SEPA shall be reviewed in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in Title 21.

B. SEPA review shall be conducted concurrently with the review of the application set out in the Chapter. The following applications are exempt from concurrent review:

1. Projects categorically exempt from SEPA.

2. Components of previously completed planned actions, to the extent permitted by law and consistent with the EIS for the planned action. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.05.060 Development fees.

Fees established by the City Council by ordinance or resolution for the review of Development Applications shall be due at the time that Development Application is made. (Ord 07-201 §2 (Ex B); Ord 02-101 §1)