17.03.010    Roles and responsibilities.

17.03.020    Land Use Administrator.

17.03.025    Hearing Examiner.

17.03.030    Planning Commission.

17.03.050    City Council.

17.03.060    Fees.

17.03.010 Roles and responsibilities.

A. Declaration of Intent. It is declared the regulation of land development is a cooperative activity including many elected officials, appointed boards and City staff. The specific responsibilities of those bodies is set forth in the Land Use Code.

B. Understanding of Land Use Code. A developer is expected to read and understand the Land Use Code and be prepared to fulfill the obligations placed on developers in the Land Use Code. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.03.020 Land Use Administrator.

The Land Use Administrator has the following responsibilities:

A. Administration. The Land Use Administrator is responsible for the administration of the Land Use Code, as it applies to each specific development application.

B. Administrative Interpretation. Upon request or as determined necessary, the Land Use Administrator shall interpret the meaning or application of the Land Use Code and issue a written administrative interpretation within a reasonable time, but no more than 14 days upon receipt of a request for interpretation. Requests for interpretation shall be written and shall concisely identify the issue and desired interpretation. The Land Use Administrator may prescribe the form on which such requests are made.

C. Administrative Approvals. The Land Use Administrator shall issue administrative approvals set forth in Sections 17.09.010 and 17.09.020. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.03.025 Hearing Examiner.

The Hearing Examiner, as defined and constituted in Chapter 2.18, shall:

A. Make decisions on applications for subdivisions, extension of the expiration of Subdivisions, Residential Planned Developments, Mixed Use Planned Developments, and Recreational Vehicle Parks;

B. Make decisions on all non-legislative land use issues not specifically delegated by the Land Use Code to the Land Use Administrator, or City Council, which includes, but is not limited to decisions on variances, conditional uses, and connections to the State Highway System;

C. Review decisions of the Land Use Administrator made under the authority granted the Land Use Administrator in the Land Use Code;

D. Any other action identified in the Code, or as requested or recommended by the City Council. (Ord 07-217 §4 (Ed. Note: this provision was redundantly addressed by both Ord 07-217 and 07-218); Ord 07-218, §2; Ord 07-201, §2 (Ex B))

17.03.030 Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission, as defined and constituted in Chapter 2.32, as an advisor to the City Council, shall conduct public hearings relating to the comprehensive plan of the City and the implementation thereof, including but not limited to zoning, official map, and platting and subdivision regulations, and may review and make recommendations on the adoption and the enforcement of coordinated plans and regulations for the physical development of the City. (Ord 07-201, §2 (Ex B))

17.03.050 City Council.

In addition to its legislative responsibilities, the City Council approves Final Plats, pursuant to Section 19.12.010, and Development Agreements pursuant to Chapter 17.11 (Ord 07-218 §4; Ord 07-201, §2 (Ex B); Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))

17.03.060 Fees.

The City Council shall adopt a schedule of fees, either by ordinance or resolution, to apply to various applications and procedures anticipated in the Land Use Code. (Ord 01-86 §3 (Ex A))