19.12.010    Overview of the subdivision approval process.

19.12.020    Format of plats.

19.12.030    Plat checking by the City.

19.12.040    Preliminary plats.

19.12.045    Phasing of plats.

19.12.050    Expiration of preliminary plats.

19.12.055    Extensions of preliminary plats.

19.12.060    Requirements of a final plat.

19.12.070    Resolution of irrigation matters.

19.12.080    Endorsements on final plats.

19.12.090    Supplemental information.

19.12.100    Monuments.

19.12.110    Recording.

19.12.120    Replats.

19.12.010 Overview of the subdivision approval process.

Subdivisions and short subdivisions are subject to a two-step approval process, to be administered as anticipated in the Subdivision Code and the Development Code. An application for a subdivision shall be in the form of a preliminary plat, which shall be reviewed by the Land Use Code Administrator for compliance with the Land Use Code, and then submitted to the Hearing Examiner for review and approval, except in the case of short subdivisions, when approval shall be an administrative matter, based upon the approval of the Land Use Code Administrator. Upon approval by the Hearing Examiner, the developer is to file a final plat, to be reviewed by the Land Use Code Administrator for compliance with the Subdivision Code, the Land Use Code, and the approval by the Hearing Examiner and approved by the City Council by ordinance. An approved final plat will be recorded by the developer with the Grant County Auditor. (Ord 07-218 §5; Ord 07-201 (Ex B); Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.020 Format of plats.

A. Plats shall be drawn in waterproof ink on a sheet made of material that will be acceptable to the Grant County Assessor’s Office for recording purposes, and shall be eighteen inches by twenty-four inches.

When more than one sheet is required to include the entire subdivision, all sheets shall be made of the same size and shall show appropriate match marks on each sheet and appropriate references to other sheets of the subdivision. The scale of the plat shall be one inch equals not more than fifty feet, unless approved otherwise by the Land Use Code Administrator.

In addition to an original, a developer shall submit at least two prints of the plat, one of which shall be no larger than eleven inches by seventeen inches, with the other at full size.

B. All final plat maps and engineered as-built shall also be submitted in an AutoCAD-compatible format approved by the Land Use Code Administrator. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B)

19.12.030 Plat checking by the City.

If, in the opinion of the Land Use Code administrator the preliminary plat is of such intent or nature that its checking will require the technical services of an engineer, the City may hire such an engineer and the developer shall bear the cost of such services and deposit with the City Clerk the amount estimated to cover the cost. All work done by the engineer in connection with checking, computing and correcting the plat, either in the field or in the office, shall be charged against the deposit. If, during the progress of work, it appears that the cost thereof will exceed the amount so deposited, the City Clerk will notify the developer thereof and shall cause work in connection with the plat to stop until there shall be deposited such additional amount as may be necessary to cover the cost of the work. Upon the completion of the work of checking and correcting any such plat, the engineer shall, before finally certifying approval of the same, forward to the City Clerk a statement of the amount of the engineering charges against the proposed plat and the City Clerk shall thereupon refund to the developer any balance unexpended of the deposit, or in case the engineering charges for any reason exceed the amount so deposited, shall forthwith collect the balance and shall issue a statement that the charges have been paid. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.040 Preliminary plats.

The application for approval of a subdivision shall be in the form of a preliminary plat filed with the Land Use Code Administrator, which shall be prepared by a professional land surveyor registered in the State of Washington, and which shall satisfy or contain the following information. Said filing shall consist of five copies:

A. The name, if any, of the proposed subdivision, together with proof the name has been reserved with the Grant County Assessor’s office.

B. A certification from the surveyor, as to the survey data, layout of streets, alleys and other rights-of-way. Bridges, sewage, water systems and other structures together with the information provided by the surveyor shall be approved by a licensed engineer acting on behalf of the City.

C. A complete survey of the section or sections in which the plat is located, or as much thereof as may be necessary to properly orient the plat within the section or sections. A computer printout showing closures of the section or subdivision breakdown (if any), plat boundary, road center lines, lots and tracts. The maximum allowable error of closure shall be 0.02 feet in any such closure.

D. A title company certification which is not more than thirty calendar days old containing:

1. A legal description of the total parcel sought to be subdivided; and

2. A list of those individuals, corporations, or other entities holding an ownership interest in the parcel; and

3. Any easements or restrictions affecting the property with a description, purpose and reference by Assessors file number and/or recording number; and

4. Any encumbrances on the property; and

5. Any delinquent taxes or assessments on the property.

E. A description of all improvements to be installed.

F. The location of existing and proposed utility lines, sewer and water mains adjacent to or within the proposed subdivision and the purveyors of utility service.

G. The location of all existing and proposed easements.

H. Setback lines required by the existing or proposed zoning if the proposed lots have unusual shape or other limitations on its building site.

I. Any existing property lines within or adjacent to the proposed subdivision and, a listing of the names and mailing addresses of the owners and residents of adjacent property and pre-stamped addressed envelopes.

J. Contour lines in areas to be developed shall be at five-foot intervals, or as specified by the Land Use Code Administrator. Ten-foot intervals may be used in areas not to be developed. All contour lines shall be extended into adjacent property a sufficient distance to show the topographical relationship of adjacent property to the proposed subdivision.

K. The location, name and width of all existing and proposed street rights-of-way, or easements within or adjacent to the proposed subdivision, the grade of the proposed streets and the pavements location of existing and proposed streets. Road profiles may be required as determined by the Land Use Code Administrator.

L. The location of all existing structures within the proposed subdivision and within twenty-five feet of the proposed subdivision.

M. The location of tree-covered areas, groups of trees, or the location of individual trees over eight inches in diameter.

N. A preliminary grading and reclamation plan if a significant amount of earth, as determined by the Land Use Code Administrator, is to be removed, imported or relocated on the site.

O. A preliminary drainage plan showing existing and proposed drainage facilities for the site and adjacent areas prepared by an engineer licensed in the State of Washington.

P. If lands are to be dedicated or conveyed to the City as part of the subdivision, an American Land Title Association title policy may be required by the Land Use Code Administrator.

Q. A completed environmental checklist.

R. Application fees, in accordance with the Land Use Code.

S. The Land Use Code Administrator may require the developer to submit whatever other information is necessary to make this determination, including, but not limited to, a copy of the tax map showing the land being subdivided and all lots previously subdivided from that tract of land within the previous five years. (Ord 07-217 §2; Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.045 Phasing of plats.

An approved preliminary plat may be accomplished by two or more final plats; provided, such a final plat is:

A. Under a development agreement addressing conditions, issues and factors raised by the preliminary plat being accomplished under two or more final plats;

B. Consistent with the conditions of preliminary plat approval; and

C. Satisfies all requirements for approval if subsequent final plats are not recorded, including without limitation the provision of financial sureties guaranteeing the construction of improvements in subsequent final plats, if such improvements are necessary for the final plat at issue. (Ord 15-458 §1)

19.12.050 Expiration of preliminary plats.

Approval of a preliminary plat shall expire, and a final plat meeting all requirements of the Subdivision Code shall be filed for approval with the City Council, on the date established in RCW 58.17.140, and as it may be amended. (Ord 15-459 §1 (Ex A); Ord 07-217 §2; Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.055 Extensions of preliminary plats.

The expiration of the original preliminary plat, or a preliminary plat as previously extended pursuant to this section, and the date for filing a final plat (collectively, the "preliminary plat"), may be extended for a period of up to two years if the developer has materially undertaken the process of preparing the final plat:

A. Application Prior to Expiration – No Changes. If the developer applies for an extension prior to the date the preliminary plat expires, the Land Use Code Administrator may grant an extension upon a determination that there have been no changes in (1) the Land Use Code, or (2) the circumstances of the preliminary plat or the environs of the City which may be affected by the proposed extension (hereafter, "changes"), since the date the preliminary plat was approved;

B. Application After Expiration – Changes. If the developer applies for an extension after the date the preliminary plat expires, or there are changes since the date the preliminary plat was approved, the Hearing Examiner, after a public hearing, may grant an extension upon such conditions as are necessary to ensure the preliminary plat satisfies the standards of the Land Use Code as it existed on the date of application for an extension. (Ord 15-459 §2 (Ex A))

19.12.060 Requirements of a final plat.

In addition to the appropriate endorsements, as provided in Section 19.12.080, the final plat shall contain the following information:

A. The name of the subdivision, which name shall not duplicate the name of any existing subdivision as recorded in the Grant County Auditor’s Office.

B. The name and signatures of the subdivision owner or owners.

C. The location by quarter section/section/township/range and/or by other legal description, the county, and State where the subdivision is located.

D. The name, registration number, and seal of the professional land surveyor responsible for preparation of the plat, and a certification on the plat by said surveyor to the effect that:

1. It is a true and correct representation of the land actually surveyed by him/under his supervision;

2. That the exterior plat boundary, and all interior lot corners have been set on the applicant’s property by him/under his supervision using appropriate permanent materials, with a field traverse with a linear closure of one to ten thousand and corresponding angular closure as specified in WAC 332-130-070 and 332-130-090, and as amended; and

3. That all street centerline monuments (points of intersection, points of curve, points of tangency, etc.) within the plat and all intersections with existing street center lines have been monumented with concrete monuments in case or other permanent material approved by the City.

E. The scale according to which the plat is drawn in feet per inch or scale ratio in words or figures and bar graph. The drawing shall be of legible scale, and shall include the north arrow and basis of bearings. Unless otherwise approved by the City Planner, the scale of the final plat will be at one inch equals fifty feet in order that all distances, bearings and other data can be clearly shown.

F. A boundary survey prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed in the State of Washington, shall be shown on the proposed plat and shall reference the plat to the Washington Coordinate System, North Zone (North American Datum, 1983) with a physical description of such corners. When the necessary G.P.S. points exist within one-half mile of the subject property they shall be located on the plat and used as primary reference datums.

G. The boundary lines of the plat, based on an accurate traverse, with angular and linear dimensions.

H. The exact location, width, number or name of all rights-of-way and easements within and adjoining the plat and a clear statement as to whether each is to be dedicated or held in private ownership.

I. The true courses and distances to the nearest established right-of-way lines or official monuments which will accurately locate the plat.

J. Curved boundaries and center lines shall be defined by giving radii, internal angles, points of curvature, tangent bearings and lengths of all arcs.

K. All lot and block numbers and lines, with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths of feet, and bearings to one second of arc. Blocks in numbered additions to subdivisions bearing the same name must be numbered consecutively through the several additions.

L. Accurate locations of all monuments at such locations as required by the City.

M. Accurate outlines and dimensions of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with purposes indicated thereon and in the dedication; and/or any area to be reserved by deed covenant for common uses of all property owners.

N. A full and correct legal description of the property.

O. All permanent restrictions and conditions on the lots or tracts or other areas in the plat required by the City.

P. Any additional pertinent information required at the discretion of the Land Use Code Administrator.

Q. An endorsement to be signed, prior to recording, by the proper officer in charge of tax collections, certifying that all taxes and delinquent assessments have been paid, satisfied, or discharged.

R. The following declaration: "All conditions of the plat, embodied within the Form of Decision [recorded under Grant County Auditor’s File No. which is attached hereto as Exhibit ], shall remain conditions of the construction of the public improvements." (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.070 Resolution of irrigation matters.

In addition to all requirements for approval of final plats, including short plats, contained in the Land Use Code, no plat may be approved without a finding that all provisions for irrigation required by RCW 58.17.310 have been satisfied. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.080 Endorsements on final plats.

All final plats shall contain the following endorsements:

A. Certificate by the Land Use Administrator that the plat complies with the Subdivision Code, has been approved by the City, subject to being recorded with the Grant County Auditor within sixty days of the Land Use Administrator’s endorsement.

B. Certificate by the Land Use Administrator that all public improvements shown on the plat have been installed or completed to City standards, or that their installation has been assured by the posting of a performance bond or other sufficient surety.

C. Certificate by all owners of the property subject to the plat:

1. That they own the subject property;

2. That they freely adopt the plat;

3. That they dedicate to public use all areas shown on the plat as public improvements; and

4. That they hold harmless, defend and indemnify any governmental authority in respect of all claims for damages which may be occasioned to land adjacent to the property subject to the plat by the construction, drainage or maintenance of the public improvements identified in the plat.

D. Certificate by a land surveyor registered by the state of Washington that the map which is the basis of the plat is based upon an actual survey made by them, or under their supervision, and that the map monuments installed satisfy all requirements of the state of Washington for surveys.

E. Certificate of Finance Officer/Clerk that all fees pertaining to the subdivision have been paid to the City.

F. Certificate by the Grant County Treasurer that all state and county taxes levied against the property subject to the plat have been fully paid.

G. A certificate of the Grant County Auditor that the plat was recorded in their office, stating the date and time of the recording, together with the reference to physical recording information. (Ord 19-538 §25; Ord 07-201 §3 (Ex C); Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.090 Supplemental information.

In addition to the other requirements required for the approval of final plats, the developer shall provide the following approvals:

A. Fire District: A statement from the Fire District approving the fire protection improvements, if any.

B. Other: Approvals by any other agency required as a condition of the preliminary plat. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.100 Monuments.

Monuments shall be installed by the surveyor as follows:

A. Concrete or iron pipe monuments approved by the Land Use Code Administrator and installed in a cast iron monument case shall be set at the center lines of all streets at intersections, all angle points on street center lines, all points of curvature and points of tangent in street center lines, at the radial points of cul-de-sac, and at all external corners and block corners of the subdivision.

B. The corners of all lots within the subdivision shall be marked by iron pins, not less than three-fourths of an inch in diameter, and twenty-four inches in length, firmly driven for their full length into the ground. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.110 Recording.

All final plat approvals are subject are to being recorded in the Grant County Auditor’s Office within 60 days of approval. Copies of the recorded documents shall be filed with the Land Use Code Administrator and the Grant County Assessor. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.12.120 Replats.

A. Replats of recorded plats shall meet the requirements of the preliminary and final plats, and be reviewed in the same manner.

B. When lots within a recorded plat are owned by more than one owner, the application for a replat shall be accompanied by the signatures of all owners of lots in the plat. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))