19.16.010    Authority to short plat.

19.16.020    Time limitation for further subdivision.

19.16.030    Open space requirements.

19.16.040    Public improvements.

19.16.050    Approval of Land Use Code Administrator.

19.16.060    Disapproval by Land Use Code Administrator.

19.16.070    Approval date.

19.16.010 Authority to short plat.

When an developer desires to subdivide a parcel of land so as to produce not more than a total of four lots, it may be done in the manner set forth in this chapter. No short plat shall be submitted or accepted for review by the City in order to circumvent the normal subdivision procedures and requirements, avoid a needed capital improvement cost, or contribute in any way to multiple or a series of short plat subdivisions which could result in a tract being subdivided by these short plat requirements rather than by the normal platting requirements. All short plats shall comply with the design standards of the Land Use Code. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.16.020 Time limitation for further subdivision.

A subdivision under a short plat may not be further subdivided in any manner within a period of five years without the filing of a final plat, except that when the short plat contains fewer than four parcels, nothing in this section shall prevent a developer from filing an alteration within the five-year period to create up to a total of four lots within the original short plat boundaries. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B)

19.16.030 Open space requirements.

The City shall determine whether land is to be dedicated for open spaces purpose or whether payment in lieu of land dedication may be made. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.16.040 Public improvements.

A. All required public improvements necessary for the short subdivision shall be installed prior to the recording of the short plat.

B. In short subdivisions not requiring a dedication, the developer shall submit for review all easements, covenants, deeds and other documents providing for the future construction and maintenance of required public or private improvements. Such documents shall clearly specify responsibility for the construction, maintenance and operation of the public and private improvements and shall indemnify and hold the City harmless from any action or claim for damages or injunctive relief arising from the construction, maintenance or operation of all private improvements. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.16.050 Approval of Land Use Code Administrator.

The Land Use Code Administrator may approve a short plat only if he finds:

A. The short plat meets the requirements of Section 17.09.030(C);

B. The short plat is accurate and correct in all detail;

C. Minimum improvements, including improvements to streets bordering the property, have been provided as described in this title, or adequate provisions have been made to assure that such improvements will be made when needed;

D. The proposed subdivision will not interfere with the future development of any remaining property under the same ownership, or of any adjacent property;

E. Adequate access is available for the proposed subdivision and any possible future development and dedication of appropriate public streets and rights-of-way are made and will conform with the requirements of the Subdivision Code;

F. The lots conform to the requirements of the Zoning Code and the comprehensive plan adopted by the City for the area under consideration; (Ed. Note: The reference in subsection (A) was revised during codification to refer to subsection (C)) of section 17.09.030; Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B)

19.16.060 Disapproval by Land Use Code Administrator.

If the Land Use Code Administrator finds the criteria set forth in Section 19.16.050 has not been met, he may either disapprove the application or he may require the developer make the changes necessary to allow the Land Use Code Administrator to approve a short plat. If the application is denied by the Land Use Code Administrator, the applicant may appeal the decision of the Land Use Code Administrator to the Board of Adjustment, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 17.09. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.16.070 Approval date.

No short plat shall be deemed approved until it has been filed with the Grant County Auditor, in the form required by the Subdivision Code. Approval of a short plat shall expire five (5) years from the date of approval by the Land Use Code Administrator. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))