19.18.010    Declaration – Purpose.

19.18.020    Preliminary site plan.

19.18.030    Processing as short plat.

19.18.040    Approval criteria.

19.18.050    Approval of preliminary site plan – Limitations.

19.18.060    Approval of final site plan – Recording.

19.18.080    Alteration or vacation.

19.18.010 Declaration – Purpose.

Pursuant to the authority granted by RCW 58.17.035 and 58.17.040(4), the City authorizes the development of land for commercial and industrial uses pursuant to binding site plans, as an alternative to the division of land through Subdivisions and Short Subdivision. While the division of property through binding site plans is an alternative to the division of land through the process of subdivision, the process of approving and documenting binding site plans shall be according the processes established in the Development Code for Subdivisions and Short Subdivisions, except as expressly set forth in this chapter. (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A))

19.18.020 Preliminary site plan.

Application for approval of a binding site plan shall be by a preliminary site plan, which shall be in a form consistent with applications for development, and shall include a proposed site plan conforming to the format and requirements for preliminary plats set out in sections 19.12.020 and .040. (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A))

19.18.030 Processing as short plat.

Complete applications shall be reviewed and approved by the Land Use Code Administrator in a manner consistent with the process used in reviewing applications for short plats set out in Chapter 19.16, and shall also be subject to the provisions of section 19.12.030 in the event the Land Use Code Administrator requires technical assistance. Provided, however:

1. There shall be no limitation on the number of lots in a binding site plan; and

2. The prohibition of later subdivision of lots set out in section 19.16.020, shall not apply; (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A))

19.18.040 Approval criteria.

1. Prior to approval of any binding site plan, the Land Use Code Administrator shall insure that the following improvements are provided to sufficiently service the anticipated uses throughout the proposed plan and meet the following decision criteria:

a. Provisions have been made for water, storm drainage, erosion control and sanitary sewer disposal that are consistent with the City’s design standards and state adopted standards and plans;

b. Provisions for road, utilities, street lighting, street trees, access to off-street parking and loading and other improvements consistent with the City’s six-year street plan, the City’s design standards, and other state adopted standards and plans;

c. Street signs must be in place, fire apparatus access complete to Uniform Fire Code standards, and fire hydrants shall be flow tested by a Washington State licensed fire sprinkler contractor. Flow test results shall be submitted to the fire department. Fire hydrant locations shall be verified by the fire department;

d. Provisions have been made for all public dedications, and/or easements; and

e. Monumentation of all exterior site corners.

2. The site is zoned commercial or industrial and meets the definition of an integrated site.

3. Appropriate easements and maintenance agreements for shared facilities, including but not limited to, circulation, parking, utilities and landscaping, have been provided.

4. When taken as a whole, and not considering any interior lot lines, the integrated site meets all the zoning and subdivision requirements.

5. Modifications to the minimum zoning standards for individual lots located within the integrated site, including setbacks, parking, landscaping, lot area and lot dimension are not detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare, do not adversely affect the rest of the integrated site or other properties in the vicinity.

6. Common improvements necessary to serve any particular phase of development must be sufficient for meeting the zoning and subdivision requirements for that phase.

7. The circulation system incorporates appropriate provisions for safe pedestrian activity to the site from the street and from building to building within the site.

8. The sign regulations shall be applied to the integrated site as a whole. For example, the number of freestanding signs allowed is based on one site within the binding site plan. Individual ownership within the integrated site are not considered to be separate sites in determining the number of freestanding signs allowed.

9. Comply with yard requirements of the International Building Code. (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A, part))

19.18.050 Approval of preliminary site plan – Limitations.

After approval, the developer shall prepare the final site plan and develop the required improvements and facilities in accordance with the conditions of approval. No sale, lease, or transfer of any lot proposed by the site plan shall occur until a final binding site plan is approved by the Land Use Code Administrator and recorded with the Grant County Auditor. The final site plan shall be submitted within five (5) years of the date of preliminary approval or be null and void. (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A, part))

19.18.060 Approval of final site plan – Recording.

Subject to the deferral of improvements pursuant to Section 19.28.040, when all conditions of preliminary site plan approval have been satisfied, the developer shall submit the final binding site plan in the form required for plats in Section 19.12.060. Upon determining that all requirements of the Development Code and the conditions of approval have been satisfied, the City shall file the final binding site plan with the County Auditor. (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A, part))

19.18.080 Alteration or vacation.

A binding site plan may be altered or vacated by the processes set out in sections 19.04.060 and 19.04.070. (Ord 07-216, §1 (Ex A, part))