19.20.010    Adjustments to boundary lines.

19.20.020    Application requirements.

19.20.030    Restrictions on boundary line adjustments.

19.20.040    Restriction on further subdivision.

19.20.050    Approval – Filing with County.

19.20.010 Adjustments to boundary lines.

An adjustment to the boundaries of property may be obtained upon approval of the City, as set out in this chapter. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.20.020 Application requirements.

Applications for boundary line adjustments shall include the following:

A. A reproducible drawing at a scale of 1" = 20’ showing:

1. Existing area and dimensions of all properties and proposed new boundary line adjustments and areas (proposed lot lines indicated by heavy solid lines and existing lot line to be changed indicated by heavy broken lines),

2. Adjacent streets,

3. Dimensions of existing and proposed easements, if any,

4. Existing structures and distance to property lines,

5. North point, title and date,

6. Street address, lots, block and addition,

7. Section, township and range,

8. Zoning of properties,

9. Location of septic tank and drain field or sewer lines and water lines;

B. Explanation describing the need for a boundary line adjustment;

C. The names, addresses, phone numbers and signatures of all the owners of land involved in the adjustment, indicating approval of the proposal;

D. A copy of the existing legal description and proposed legal descriptions, bearing the signature of a title company or licensed land surveyor, attesting to the accuracy of the legal descriptions; (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.20.030 Restrictions on boundary line adjustments.

A. If the proposed boundary line adjustment involves a plat it shall not detrimentally affect access, design or preliminary plat approval. The evaluation of detrimental effect may include review by any agency or department with expertise.

B. The proposed boundary line adjustment shall not violate either restrictive covenants contained on the face of the final plat or conditions of preliminary plat approval.

C. If the adjustment will add unimproved street frontage to a lot with improved frontage, improvements may be required unless deemed undesirable by the Land Use Code Administrator. The Land Use Code Administrator may require an agreement to construct improvements at some time in the future in lieu of construction at the time the adjustment is made.

D. If the adjustment transfers property abutting a street or proposed street with less than the recommended right-of-way to a parcel already possessing the recommended minimum right-of-way, then the Land Use Code Administrator may require that the additional right-of-way be granted to the City to correct the deficiency.

E. A boundary line adjustment shall not greatly change the size, character or shape of any lot. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.20.040 Restriction on further subdivision.

For a period of five years from the date of approval of the boundary line adjustment, no property which has been the subject of a boundary line adjustment shall be short platted in a manner that would create more than one lot in addition to those that could have been achieved without the boundary line adjustment. (Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))

19.20.050 Approval – Filing with County.

A. Within thirty days of approval of the boundary line adjustment by the City, the Developer shall record the boundary line adjustment with the county auditor and provide the City with a copy of the recorded boundary line adjustment. Failure to comply with this section shall render the boundary line adjustment null and void.

B. Prior to the recording of the boundary line adjustment, the boundary line adjustment shall be submitted to the Land Use Code Administrator for his review for compliance with this chapter, and approval.

C. All documents that are to be recorded pertaining to a boundary line adjustment shall contain the following language:

The above described property will be combined or aggregated with contiguous property owned by the grantee. This boundary line adjustment is hereby approved.


Land Use Code Administrator



(Ord 01-86 §4 (Ex B))