Chapter 3.30


3.30.010    Policy.

3.30.020    Accepted payment methods.

3.30.030    Responsibility for transaction processing costs.

3.30.040    Authority.

3.30.010 Policy.

Under the authority granted in RCW 36.29.190 the County council specifically finds that, because it offers citizens a convenient form of payment and saves staff time, it is in the best interests of the County not to charge transaction processing costs made for the following categories of nontax payments due the County: fines, interest not associated with taxes, penalties not associated with taxes, special assessments, fees, rates and charges. The council further finds that in certain circumstances it may be more efficient and cost-effective not to accept electronic payments, and that, consequently, the County administration and each elected official should have authority to determine how to implement this chapter within their departments. (Ord. 18-2011 § 1)

3.30.020 Accepted payment methods.

The County treasurer is authorized to accept credit cards, charge cards, debit cards, smart cards, stored value cards, federal wire, automated clearinghouse transactions, or other electronic communication for any payment of any kind including, but not limited to, taxes, fines, interest, penalties, special assessments, fees, rates, charges, or moneys due the County. (Ord. 18-2011 § 2)

3.30.030 Responsibility for transaction processing costs.

The transaction processing costs for credit cards, charge cards, debit cards, smart cards, stored value cards, federal wire, automated clearinghouse transactions or other electronic communication shall be the responsibility of the payer in an amount determined by the treasurer consistent with RCW 36.29.190, except with respect to transaction processing costs specified in SJCC 3.30.010 and implemented as described in SJCC 3.30.040, which transaction processing costs may be paid from the general fund. (Ord. 18-2011 § 3)

3.30.040 Authority.

The County administrator and each elected official are delegated the authority to implement this chapter within their respective departments. This authority includes the authority to determine which specific categories of nontax payments described in SJCC 3.30.010 may be paid without being charged transaction processing costs and what types of payment methods set out in SJCC 3.30.020 may be used. In implementing this chapter, the County administrator and elected officials are to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of absorbing transaction processing costs before implementing such measures. (Ord. 18-2011 § 4)