Chapter 16A.19


16A.19.010    General

16A.19.020    Contents

16A.19.010 General

This optional process allows for the consideration of all discretionary land use, environmental, engineering and building permits issued by the City, together with project permits requiring a public hearing, as a single project, if so desired and requested in writing by the applicant. Permit decisions of other agencies are not included in this process; but public meetings and hearings for other agencies may be coordinated with those of the City. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)

16A.19.020 Contents

Where multiple permits are required for a single project, the optional consolidated project review process is available and is composed of the following:

A.    A preapplication meeting.

    The preapplication meeting process will be adapted by the review authority to accommodate the consolidated project permit review of applications. The consolidated process will generally follow the path of the highest level type permit application.

B.    A permit coordinator, designated from the most appropriate department based on the applications submitted.

C.    A single application packet based on the project permits requested to be consolidated.

D.    A single determination of completeness.

    Upon acceptance of a consolidated application, all appropriate City staff and relevant other agency staff may meet to determine, within twenty-eight (28) days, whether the accepted application is complete and whether a consolidated determination of completeness should be issued consistent with Chapter 16A.07 SMC.

E.    A single notice of application.

    When the application is deemed complete, a consolidated notice of application will be issued and/or posted consistent with the provisions of Chapter 16A.09 SMC.

F.    A single comment period.

    The combined, affected staff may meet as needed with the applicant and/or interested public prior to the issuance of a decision.

G.    A consolidated administrative decision for applicable Type I or Type II project permit.

    The review authority will issue decisions for Type I and Type II nonhearing administrative permits. Any administrative decisions will be issued with sufficient time for appeal period(s) to place appeals on the same Hearing Examiner agenda date as any companion Type III land use permit requiring a public hearing. Appeals of Type I or Type II administrative permits will be heard in a single, consolidated open record appeal hearing before the Hearing Examiner, unless otherwise specified by statute.

H.    A single notice of hearing and open record public hearing, if required.

1.    A consolidated report and recommendation will be developed for the Type III open record hearing portion of the project permit application.

2.    A consolidated report will be developed which will summarize Type I or Type II administrative project permit decisions (if any) and provide an appropriate consolidated response to any appeals of administrative Type I or Type II project permits. To the extent possible, appeal hearings of administrative Type I or Type II project permits shall be consolidated with open record public hearings for Type III project permit applications.

    If the Hearing Examiner’s deliberations include an open record appeal hearing or an appeal of an engineering or building/construction administrative permit, the Hearing Examiner may keep the record open for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days, unless agreed to in writing by both the Hearing Examiner and the applicant, and may request submission of a recommendation from one (1) or more neutral, technical advisory boards or other sources chosen by the Hearing Examiner. Alternatively, technical issues may, by statute, necessarily be heard by special boards.

I.    A single consolidated public hearing decision.

1.    The Hearing Examiner will issue a consolidated decision and a consolidated notice of decision regarding all administrative Type I and Type II project permit applications requiring an open record public hearing, consistent with the provisions of these procedures.

2.    The Hearing Examiner’s decision is appealable only to Superior Court. Shoreline permit appeals are appealable only to the State Shoreline Hearings Board. (Ord. 18-1004 § 1; Ord. 03-1020 § 2)