Chapter 18.84


18.84.010    Purpose.

18.84.020    Preannexation – Comprehensive plan and regulations.

18.84.030    Policies.

18.84.040    Other ordinances.

18.84.050    Applicability.

18.84.060    Standards.

18.84.070    Particular annexations.

18.84.080    Areas beyond urban growth area boundaries.

18.84.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this chapter to provide for development planning for those properties reasonably expected to be annexed to the city at some future date. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.020 Preannexation – Comprehensive plan and regulations.

The city of Sequim comprehensive plan and optimum land use map and regulations as contained in this chapter identify areas and designate land uses which shall become effective upon annexation. Such preannexation development planning is determined to be reasonable necessary by the city to protect the public interests of health, safety, and the general welfare. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.030 Policies.

The comprehensive plan has designated those areas proposed for future annexation. All lands designated on the optimum land use map as being located within the urban growth area shall be considered for annexation. The land use designations of the comprehensive plan provide guidance to owners of land which may be annexed by establishing:

A. The zoning regulations and land use restrictions which will be applied within the areas to annexed with regard to the location and the use of buildings, structures and land for residential, commercial, industrial and other purposes the height, number of stories, size, construction and design of buildings and other structures, the size of the yards, setbacks and other open spaces on the lot, the density of the development, and the rules regulating further subdivision and developments of land. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.040 Other ordinances.

In order to accomplish the above purposes, the city zoning code, the city building code, the subdivision code, utilities ordinances, the procedures for review and approval of annexation requests, consistent with SMC Title 20, and any other presently adopted ordinances, which affect and/or regulate the matters set forth in SMC 18.84.030 shall be adopted by reference, which adoption shall specifically include any amendments made hereafter to the above-named ordinances. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.050 Applicability.

All property annexed to the city shall abide by the terms of the ordinances mentioned in SMC 18.84.040, and specifically shall abide by the terms and regulations pertaining to the zones set forth on the comprehensive plan optimum land use map for the property, unless a variance or exemption has been granted pursuant to the terms of the ordinances which would otherwise control the particular matter for which an exemption or variance has been sought. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.060 Standards.

To the extent reasonably practical, annexation shall occur only when in conformity with the following standards and policies of the city:

A. Annexations shall occur only within the service areas of municipal utility systems, or when acceptable alternative systems are reasonably available, consistent with the requirements of city utility service ordinances, policies and procedures.

B. Annexation boundaries should be drawn to eliminate boundary, interjurisdictional, and service problems.

C. Necessary rights-of-way and easements shall be obtained prior to or at the time of annexation.

D. Properties which are to be annexed shall be incorporated into the city with a zoning district designation which is consistent with the designation for the subject property as shown on the adopted comprehensive plan optimum land use map. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.070 Particular annexations.

Petitions for annexation, other than annexation for municipal purposes, shall state on the face thereof that the annexation properties shall be required to accept simultaneous adoption of the comprehensive plan and zoning as set forth in the comprehensive plan, together with necessary dedications of rights-of-way, assumption of the existing city indebtedness, adoption of the regulations and standards of the zoning code, and other ordinances applicable to development of the property. In addition to the particular ordinances set forth above, annexations may be required to meet other conditions reasonably necessary to meet the objectives set forth above. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)

18.84.080 Areas beyond urban growth area boundaries.

Properties which are not included within the Sequim urban growth area, as designated by the comprehensive plan optimum land use map, may not be annexed into the city, unless the annexation is for municipal purposes and the property to be annexed is owned by the city. (Ord. 98-007 § 4, Exh. B)