Title 3


3.07    Jail Facilities and Police and Fire Protection Sales and Use Tax

3.08    Skagit County Local Sales and Use Tax

3.09    Distressed County Sales and Use Tax

3.10    Emergency Communications Sales and Use Tax

3.11    Mental and Substance Abuse Treatment Sales and Use Tax

3.12    Skagit County Real Estate Excise Tax

3.16    Skagit County Special Excise Tax

3.18    Conservation Futures Fund

3.20    Farm and Agricultural, Open Space and Timber Applications

3.22    Timber Excise Tax

3.24    Civil Filing Fee Surcharges

3.28    Telephone Access Excise Tax

3.32    Indigent Defense Administrative Fee

3.36    Radio Access Lines Excise Tax

3.40    Domestic Filing Surcharge

3.44    Sheriff’s Department Fees