Title 6A


6A.02    General Provisions

6A.04    Crimes Against Persons

6A.06    Crimes Against Property

6A.07    Graffiti

6A.08    Obstruction – Arrest – Escape

6A.10    Miscellaneous Crimes

6A.12    Disorderly Conduct

6A.13    Pedestrian Interference

6A.14    Nuisances

6A.16    Weeds, Trees and Growth

6A.18    City Parks, Open Spaces, Trails, Public Facilities, and Public Spaces

6A.20    Alcoholic Beverages

6A.22    Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons

6A.24    Gambling

6A.26    Obscenity

6A.28    Lewd Conduct

6A.30    Controlled Substances and Legend Drugs

6A.31    Civic Centers – Drug-Free Zones

6A.32    Fingerprinting Services

6A.34    Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems

6A.35    Firearms in Vehicles

6A.40    Public Disturbance Noises

6A.42    Parental Responsibility

6A.44    Sales of Tobacco Products to Minors

6A.46    Prostitution