Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Appointment.

2.12.020    Duties.

2.12.030    Compensation.

2.12.010 Appointment.

The mayor of the town is authorized and empowered to appoint a town attorney, who, when appointed, shall hold office during the pleasure of the mayor.  (Ord. A-102 §1, 1912)

2.12.020 Duties.

The duties of the town attorney shall be as follows:

A.  To consult with and advise the town authorities and officers in all legal matters pertaining to the business of the town and give, when requested, his written opinions thereon;

B. To prepare, when necessary, ordinances, contracts and other writings relating to subjects in which the town is interested;

C. To enforce collection of moneys due and owing the town when ordered to do so by the town council;

D. To represent the town in all litigation in all courts in which the town is a party or is directly interested and to prosecute all violations of the town ordinances;

E. To attend all the meetings of the town council;

F. To attend to and perform any other duties which may, from time to time, be required of him by law. (Ord. A-102 §2, 1912)

2.12.030 Compensation.

The monthly compensation for the town attorney shall be set by resolution of the council. (Ord. 164-B §l, 1985:  Ord. A-211 §1, 1949:  Ord. A-102 §3, 1912)