Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Establishment of golf cart zone.

10.20.020    Definitions.

10.20.030    Golf cart zone to be clearly identified.

10.20.040    Authorized golf carts.

10.20.050    Permitted areas of operation.

10.20.060    Hours of operation.

10.20.070    Minimum required equipment.

10.20.080    Golf cart operator.

10.20.090    Operating rules.

10.20.100    Decal and fees.

10.20.110    Violation--Penalty.

10.20.010 Establishment of golf cart zone.

There is hereby established a golf cart zone over all streets within the town of Wilbur which have a speed limit of twenty-five miles per hour or less, including the portions of said streets where they cross over Highway 2.  The town shall designate such streets on a golf cart zone map.  (Ord. 558 §2, 2013)

10.20.020 Definitions.

The following definitions are applicable to this chapter of the Wilbur Municipal Code unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

A.  "Golf cart" means, in accordance with RCW 46.04.1945, a gas-powered or electric-powered four-wheeled vehicle originally designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting purposes which has a speed attainable in one mile of not more than twenty miles per hour.  A golf cart is not a non-highway vehicle or off-road vehicle as defined by the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 46.04.365).  A golf cart is not considered a motor vehicle, except for the purpose of Chapter 46.61 RCW regarding rules of the road.

B.  "Golf cart zone" means any public street within the boundaries of the town of Wilbur designated in this chapter.

C.  "Operator" means any person who drives or otherwise operates a golf cart.  "Operator" shall not include city personnel or other persons authorized in writing by the Wilbur chief of police to operate a golf cart on town streets.

D.  "Street" means the entire right-of-way width of any street, excluding the sidewalk and between the curb boundary lines and shoulder or swale of public property, when any part thereof is open to the use by the public for purposes of pedestrian, bicycle or vehicular travel including parking.  (Ord. 558 §3, 2013)

10.20.030 Golf cart zone to be clearly identified.

The golf cart zone shall be clearly identified by the placement of signage as designated by the Washington State Department of Transportation, at the beginning and end of the golf cart zone on any street or road that is a part of the golf cart zone.  (Ord. 558 §4, 2013)

10.20.040 Authorized golf carts.

Golf carts allowed under this chapter are restricted to those that are electric or gas powered which are capable of maintaining a speed of nineteen miles per hour on level ground and which are not modified to allow the cart to exceed the speed of twenty miles per hour.  (Ord. 558 §5, 2013)

10.20.050 Permitted areas of operation.

Authorized golf carts may be operated on any street within the designated golf cart zone.  An authorized golf cart shall be operated with the flow of vehicular traffic.  An authorized golf cart shall not be operated in a designated bicycle lane.  An authorized golf cart may cross over a street within the golf cart zone when it is safe to do so and only at an intersection.  (Ord. 558 §6, 2013)

10.20.060 Hours of operation.

No authorized golf cart may be operated from one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise, unless it is equipped with headlamps, tail lamps and turn signals meeting the minimum requirements established in Chapter 46.37 RCW.  (Ord. 558 §7, 2013)

10.20.070 Minimum required equipment.

Every golf cart operated in the golf cart zone shall be equipped, at a minimum, with the following:

A.  A total of eight three-inch reflectors shall be mounted on the golf cart, four amber reflectors which shall be placed on the front and the forward right and left sides of the cart and four red reflectors which shall be placed on the rear and the rear right and left sides of the cart.

B.  Seatbelts, which shall be anchored to the frame for the driver and for each passenger.

C.  Two rearview mirrors capable of reflecting for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of the cart, which shall be mounted, one on the left hand side of the cart and one in the middle of the cart or on the right hand side of the cart.  (Ord. 558 §8, 2013)

10.20.080 Golf cart operator.

A.  Any person operating a golf cart as authorized by this chapter shall be at least sixteen years of age and must have completed a driver’s education course or have previous driving experience as a licensed driver.  A person who has a revoked driver’s license under RCW 46.20.285 may not operate a golf cart in a golf cart zone.

B.  Any person operating a golf cart as authorized by this chapter shall have in his/her possession proof of identification, in the form of a valid driver’s license or government issued identification card, which shall be presented to a duly authorized law enforcement officer upon request.

C.  Any person operating a golf cart in a golf cart zone shall have all the rights and shall be subject to all the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle under Chapter 46.61 RCW.  (Ord. 558 §9, 2013)

10.20.090 Operating rules.

A.  Every golf cart operator authorized under this chapter shall be familiar with and adhere to all rules of the road applicable to motor vehicles set forth in Chapter 46.61 RCW, Chapter 308-330 WAC and Title 10 of the Wilbur Municipal Code.

B.  Any person operating a golf cart as authorized under this chapter shall not transport more passengers than the manufacturer’s designed capacity.  Every occupant shall be seated at all times during the operation of the cart and shall use a seat belt.

C.  No items shall be placed or attached to the top of the golf cart.  All items shall be carried inside the cart and secured in a manner so as to prevent the item from falling out of the cart when the cart is moving.

D.  No person may operate a golf cart as authorized by this chapter without proof of insurance providing golf cart liability insurance coverage or the equivalent insurance coverage.  Proof of such insurance shall be provided to the town with the application for the required golf cart decal issued under Section 10.20.100.  (Ord. 558 §10, 2013)

10.20.100 Decal and fees.

A.  Prior to operating a golf cart on any town street as authorized by this chapter, the owner of the golf cart shall apply for a decal from the town of Wilbur.  The owner shall complete an application form provided by the town clerk which shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

1.  The name, address and telephone number of the owner;

2.  The manufacturer, year and identification number of the golf cart;

3.  A declaration, signed by the owner under penalty of perjury, that the golf cart is properly equipped and meets the minimum standards set forth by this chapter and all requirements of the state of Washington.

B.  The owner shall pay an annual decal registration fee, which shall be set annually by the town council in its fee setting resolution.

C.  When the town clerk receives and processes the application and decal registration fee, the town shall issue to the owner an annual, numbered decal identifying the golf cart as authorized to operate in the golf cart zone of the town of Wilbur.

D.  The decal shall be renewed annually no later than May 1st of each year.

E.  The decal shall be affixed to the golf cart on the left rear corner of the cart so as to be clearly visible.  (Ord. 558 §11, 2013)

10.20.110 Violation--Penalty.

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction, punishable by a fine as set forth in Wilbur Municipal Code Section 1.08.030.  (Ord. 558 §10, 2013)