Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    Travel trailer defined.

10.16.020    Occupancy of travel trailer and recreational vehicles is prohibited outside of trailer parks--Exception.

10.16.030    Parking on streets or lots.

10.16.040    Violation--Penalty.

10.16.045    Parking on streets--Exception--Permits limited to space available for special events.

10.16.050    Special event permit process.

10.16.010 Travel trailer defined.

A "travel trailer" within the meaning of this chapter is defined as a motor vehicle of portable vehicular structure that is capable of being hauled or is hauled on the highways by a motor vehicle including recreational vehicles, designed or intended for casual or short-term human occupancy for travel, recreational or vacation uses, and is identified by a model number, serial number or vehicle registration number.  (Ord. 565 §5, 2014:  Ord. 318 §1, 1997:  Ord. A-254 §1, 1959)

10.16.020 Occupancy of travel trailer and recreational vehicles is prohibited outside of trailer parks--Exception.

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to occupy any travel trailer within the limits of the town as a dwelling, or place of business, except at regularly established trailer courts; provided, however, incidental occupancy of a "travel trailer" and/or dry tent camping shall be permitted in residential zones only.  "Incidental occupancy" as used herein shall mean occupancy in conjunction with an occupied residence and for a period not to exceed thirty days in any calendar year.  Occasional occupancy during special events may be allowed on commercial and residential streets.  (Ord. 565 §6, 2014:  Ord. 367 §21, 2001:  Ord. 318 §2, 1997:  Ord. A-254 §2, 1959)

10.16.030 Parking on streets or lots.

No unoccupied travel trailer shall be parked on any street within the town; provided, however, that travel trailers may be parked on trailer parking lots, and one unoccupied travel trailer may be located on a lot belonging to and occupied by the owner thereof.  (Ord. 318 §3, 1997:  Ord. A-254 §3, 1959)

10.16.040 Violation--Penalty.

Any person, firm or corporation which shall violate any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction, punishable by a fine as set forth in Section 1.08.030.  Each day on which any violation shall occur shall be considered a separate violation.  (Ord. 376 §14, 2001:  Ord. 367 §22, 2001)

10.16.045 Parking on streets--Exception--Permits limited to space available for special events.1

Overnight campers in a recreational vehicle may occupy the commercial and residential streets within the town limits.  Campers may not park in no parking zones and must be outside travel lanes.  Occupancy shall be limited to the duration of the sanctioned community or special town event.  Travel trailers must be equipped for dry camping, including, but not limited to:  toilet facility and black and gray water holding tanks.  Recreational vehicles must evacuate holding tanks in designated areas.

A dry camping permit application is required and shall be submitted to the town clerk at least five business days prior to the event.  (Ord. 565 §7, 2014)

10.16.050 Special event permit process.

The permit application must be approved by the mayor or the mayor pro tem and one town council member.  The special event permit will be in substantially the following form:

Town of Wilbur Dry Camping Permit

I, _______________________ (Promoter/Organization or Person) request the use of a dry camping permit on the date(s) of __________________________________________.

The Town of Wilbur shall not incur any liability for injury or damage to persons or property by reason of granting or denying a camping permit pursuant to WMC 10.16.045.

The Wilbur Police department shall be notified of each permit issued.


(Signed by applicant)



_____ Approved    ____ Denied

___________________    _________________

Mayor/Mayor pro-tem    Council member

(Ord. 565 §8, 2014)


Ord. 565 adds this section as 10.16.040.  It has been editorially renumbered to avoid duplication of numbering.