Chapter 21.33


21.33.010    Purpose.

21.33.020    Landmarks and Heritage Commission.

21.33.030    King County Code sections adopted.

21.33.040    Review of building and related permits.

21.33.050    Direction to City Clerk.

21.33.060    Reuse of facilities – Standards for conversion of historic buildings.

21.33.010 Purpose.

The purposes of this chapter are to:

(1) Designate, preserve, protect, enhance, and perpetuate those sites, buildings, districts, structures and objects which reflect significant elements of the City’s, County’s, State’s and nation’s cultural, aesthetic, social, economic, political, architectural, ethnic, archaeological, engineering, historic and other heritage;

(2) Redesignate two sites in the City of Woodinville, previously designated as historic landmarks by the King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission, as City of Woodinville landmarks, thereby entitling them to the same advantages, responsibilities and opportunities under the City of Woodinville Ordinance as were available under the King County Landmarks Ordinance and program. These two sites are the Hollywood Farm, 14111 NE 145th Street, and the Hollywood School, 14810 NE 145th Street;

(3) Foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past;

(4) Stabilize and improve the economic values and vitality of landmarks;

(5) Protect and enhance the Woodinville tourist industry by promoting heritage-related tourism;

(6) Promote the continued use, exhibition and interpretation of significant sites, districts, buildings, structures, and objects for the education, inspiration and welfare of the people of Woodinville;

(7) Promote and continue incentives for ownership and utilization of landmarks;

(8) Assist, encourage and provide incentives to public and private owners for preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and use of landmark buildings, sites, districts, structures and objects; and

(9) Work cooperatively with other jurisdictions to identify, evaluate, and protect historic resources in furtherance of the purposes of this chapter. (Ord. 611 § 8 (Att. A), 2016)

21.33.020 Landmarks and Heritage Commission.

(1) The King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission established pursuant to Chapter 20.62 KCC is hereby designated and empowered to act as the Landmarks Commission for the City of Woodinville pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(2) The special member of the King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission provided for in KCC 20.62.030 shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation of the Council. Such special member shall have a demonstrated interest and competence in historic preservation. Such appointment shall be made for a three-year term. Such special member shall serve until his or her successor is duly appointed and confirmed. In the event of a vacancy, an appointment shall be made to fill the vacancy in the same manner and with the same qualifications as if at the beginning of the term, and the person appointed to fill the vacancy shall hold the position for the remainder of the unexpired term. Such special member may be reappointed, but may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms. Such special member shall be deemed to have served one full term if such special member resigns at any time after appointment or if such special member serves more than two years of an unexpired term. The special member shall serve without compensation except for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with commission meetings or programs. The City of Woodinville shall reimburse such expenses incurred by the special member.

(3) The Commission shall not conduct any public hearings required under this chapter with respect to properties located within the City of Woodinville until its rules and regulations, including procedures consistent with this chapter, have been filed with the Woodinville City Clerk. (Ord. 611 § 8 (Att. A), 2016)

21.33.030 King County Code sections adopted.

The City Council hereby adopts the following sections of Chapter 20.62 KCC which are incorporated by reference herein and made a part of this chapter:

(1) KCC 20.62.020 – Definitions, except as follows:

(a) Paragraph (H) is changed to read “‘Director’ is the City of Woodinville Building Official or his or her designee.”

(2) KCC 20.62.040 – Designation Criteria, except all references to “King County” are changed to read “Woodinville.”

(3) KCC 20.62.050 – Nomination Procedure.

(4) KCC 20.62.070 – Designation Procedure, except all references to “King County” are changed to read “Woodinville.”

(5) KCC 20.62.080 – Certificate of Appropriateness Procedure, except the last sentence of paragraph A thereof.

(6) KCC 20.62.100 – Evaluation of Economic Impact.

(7) KCC 20.62.110 – Appeal Procedure.

(8) KCC 20.62.130 – Penalty for Violation of Section 20.62.080.

(9) KCC 20.62.140 – Special Valuation for Historic Properties.

(10) KCC 20.62.150 – Historic Resources – Review Process, except all sections but the final sentence of paragraph B(4) and the entirety of paragraph C thereof. (Ord. 611 § 8 (Att. A), 2016)

21.33.040 Review of building and related permits.

The official responsible for the issuance of building and related permits shall promptly refer applications for permits which “affect” historic buildings, structures, objects, sites, districts, or archaeological sites to the King County Historic Preservation Officer (HPO) for review and comment. For the purposes of this section, “affect” shall be defined as an application for change to the actual structure, on a property with a landmark structure or designated as a landmark property, or on an adjacent property sharing a common boundary line. The responsible official shall seek and take into consideration the comments of the HPO regarding mitigation of any adverse effects affecting historic buildings, structures, objects, sites, or districts. (Ord. 611 § 8 (Att. A), 2016)

21.33.050 Direction to City Clerk.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.12.140, the City Clerk is directed to keep on file a copy of the King County Code sections adopted by this chapter for the use and examination by the public. (Ord. 611 § 8 (Att. A), 2016)

21.33.060 Reuse of facilities – Standards for conversion of historic buildings.

In order to insure that significant features of the property are protected, the following standards shall apply to conversion of historic buildings:

(1) Gross floor area of building additions or new buildings required for the conversion shall not exceed 20 percent of the gross floor area of the historic building, unless allowed by the zone;

(2) Conversions to apartments shall not exceed one dwelling unit for each 3,600 square feet of lot area, unless allowed by the zone; and

(3) Any construction required for the conversion shall require certification of appropriateness from the King County Landmarks Commission. (Ord. 611 § 8 (Att. A), 2016)