16D.01    General Provisions

16D.02    Definitions

16D.03    Application and Review Procedures

16D.04    Enforcement and Penalties

16D.05.20    Flood Hazard Areas – General Provisions

16D.05.28    Flood Hazard Protection Standards

16D.05.32    Floodway Fringe Uses

16D.05.36    Floodway Uses

16D.05.40    Nonconforming Uses and Structures

16D.05.44    Flood Hazard Protection Administration

16D.05.48    Elevation and Floodproofing Certification

16D.05.52    Variances

16D.05.72    Map Correction Procedures

16D.06    Fish and Wildlife Habitat and the Stream Corridor System

16D.07    Wetlands

16D.08    Geologically Hazardous Areas

16D.09    Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (CARA)

16D.10    Shorelines

16D.11    Upland Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas

Appx. A    Designated Type 2 Stream Corridors

Appx. B    Yakima County Shoreline Lakes and Ponds and Their Environmental Designations

Appx. C    Yakima County Shoreline Streams and Their Environmental Designations

*    Editor’s Note: Ord. 13-2007 adopts Title 16C, Critical Areas, which applies to all unincorporated lands under Yakima County’s land use jurisdiction. Ord. 14-2007, codified in this Title 16D, adopts the Shoreline Master Program, which shall regulate critical areas within shoreline jurisdiction.