Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    License required.

10.16.020    License application.

10.16.030    Issuance of tag.

10.16.040    License period—License fee.

10.16.050    Rules of the road.

10.16.060    Violation—Penalty.

10.16.010 License required.

No person shall operate a bicycle, as defined in Section 340.01(5), Wisconsin Statutes, upon any public highway within the city without first obtaining a license as provided in this chapter. (Prior code § 12.08(1))

10.16.020 License application.

Application for a license shall be made to the city treasurer’s office or the police department. (Prior code § 12.08(2))

10.16.030 Issuance of tag.

Upon payment of the required fee, a license tag shall be issued which shall be affixed to the center post of the frame of the bicycle. License tags cannot be replaced or transferred. (Prior code § 12.08(3))

10.16.040 License period—License fee.

The license period shall not expire and registration is in effect until cancelled by owner or numbers become illegible. The fee for a license issued shall be six dollars ($6.00), one dollar ($1.00) of which shall be used for construction of bicycle paths. (Prior code § 12.08(4))

10.16.050 Rules of the road.

The provisions of Ch. 346, Wisconsin Statutes, particularly Sections 346.77 through 346.804 and 347.489, shall apply to the operation of bicycles within the city. (Amended during 1997 codification; prior code § 12.08(5))

10.16.060 Violation—Penalty.

Any person who shall violate any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a penalty as prescribed in Chapter 1.12. (Prior code § 12.08(6))