Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Operation regulated.

10.20.010 Operation regulated.

A.    “Snowmobile” has the meaning designated in Section 340.01(58a), Wisconsin Statutes. No person shall operate a snowmobile in the city, as follows:

1.    Contrary to Sections 350.01 through 350.12, Wisconsin Statutes;

2.    On or across roadside drainage ditches;

3.    On or across the property of another without the consent of the owner of the property;

4.    Without a factory-equipped muffler or its replacement equivalent;

5.    Between ten p.m. and eight a.m.;

6.    Within two hundred (200) feet of a dwelling.

B.    Where a property owner directs a snowmobile operator or occupant to remove the snowmobile, its operator and occupants from his property, they shall do so immediately and without delay. Such direction shall constitute a revocation of any permission previously given. (Prior code § 9.28)