Chapter 17.20


17.20.010    Permitted uses.

17.20.020    Specific prohibition.

17.20.010 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses, but only after review by and approval by the plan commission and the council of specific plans and method of operation for a specific location:

A.    Grazing;

B.    The harvesting of any wild crops such as marsh hay, ferns, moss, berries, tree fruits and tree seeds;

C.    Sustained yield forestry. This term means a planned program of systematically removing a portion of the matured forest crop each year, followed by the immediate planting of replacement trees where trees were removed. Matured forest crop shall apply to trees of six inches or larger caliper. Clear cutting is prohibited. No such planned program shall be commenced without prior approval of the plan commission and the council, and the proponent shall demonstrate that the planned program conforms to silvicultural practices recommended by and used by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Among the several matters to be considered by the plan commission and the council shall be stormwater control, drainage, preservation of wild life, hours of operation, hauling routes, restoration, stump and brush disposal and possible adverse effect on property values in the neighborhood;

D.    Dams and hydroelectric power stations;

E.    Nonresidential buildings used solely in conjunction with the raising of water fowl, minnows and other similar lowland animals, fowl or fish;

F.    The removal of top soil if a permit is granted under Chapter 17.124. (Prior code § 17.28(1))

17.20.020 Specific prohibition.

Filling of marsh lands, removal of top soil or damming or relocating of any watercourse shall not be permitted except with approval of the plan commission. (Prior code § 17.28(2))