Chapter 17.24


17.24.010    Purpose.

17.24.020    Permitted uses.

17.24.030    Building locations.

17.24.040    Height requirements.

17.24.050    Area regulations.

17.24.060    Specific prohibitions.

17.24.010 Purpose.

The UC upland conservancy district is intended to prevent the destruction of valuable natural resources and, in particular, woodlands, wild life habitat, significant water recharge areas, recreational and scenic areas, and areas of steep topography. Regulation of these areas, known as primary environmental corridors, will serve to control erosion and sedimentation and will promote and maintain the natural beauty of the city as well as the health, safety and welfare of city residents. (Prior code § 17.285(1))

17.24.020 Permitted uses.

A.    Preservation of scenic, historic and scientific areas;

B.    Controlled studies of ecosystems for educational purposes;

C.    Forest and game management when conducted in accordance with a management plan developed by a professional forester or wild life specialist;

D.    Harvesting of wild crops;

E.    Natural stormwater management;

F.    Park and recreation areas;

G.    Recreational transportation trails;

H.    Single-family dwellings on estate sized lots;

I.    The following accessory building and uses subject to the conditions specified:

1.    Private garages when located on the same lot and not involving the conduct of a business; provided, however, no private garage shall be erected unless the principal building to which the garage is an accessory use has been erected or is to be erected simultaneously with such garage,

2.    Servants’ quarters; provided, however, such quarters shall be occupied only by servants employed on the premises and shall not be rented as separate domiciles,

3.    Yard maintenance buildings used for storage of garden and cultivating tools, lawn mowers, snow blowers, yard maintenance equipment and similar tools and supplies, subject to the following conditions:

a.    All buildings shall be erected in the rear offset area.

b.    Buildings may not be placed in an area adjacent to a neighbor’s swimming pool, tennis court, patio or other activity area.

c.    Bushes, trees and shrubs shall be used to enhance the appearance of such structures as appropriate.

d.    Maximum height shall be ten feet.

e.    Minimum offset from the lot line shall be ten feet.

f.    Buildings shall be constructed on a permanent base consisting of at least three inches of concrete on at least six inches of base sand or gravel. The building shall be anchored to the base.

g.    The length-to-width ratio of a building shall not exceed three to one.

h.    Building shall not exceed one hundred eighty (180) square feet in area;

J.    Keeping of usual household pets; however, no kennels, hutches, animal hospice, animal shelter/rescue or humane society may be operated;

K.    Home occupations and professional home offices when incidental to the residential use and when situated within the same dwelling, subject to the following conditions:

1.    No name plate exceeding three square feet in area shall be permitted.

2.    Such home occupation or professional home office shall not occupy more than fifteen (15) percent of the floor area of the principal building.

3.    Such home occupation or professional home office shall not employ more than one person who is not a resident on such lot.

4.    Adequate off-street parking facilities shall be provided adjacent or reasonably adjacent to the building served.

5.    Such permitted use shall not include the conduct of any retail or wholesale business or manufacture nor the removal of sand, gravel or stone for commercial purposes.

6.    Such permitted use shall not include the use of any machinery, tools or other appliances which can reasonably be construed as creating an abnormal nuisance to surrounding neighbors;

L.    Repealed by Ord. 2021-011903. (Ord. 2263-11 § 2, 2011; Ord. 2103-07 § 5 (part), 2007; prior code § 17.285(2))

17.24.030 Building locations.

A.    Setback: fifty (50) feet minimum.

B.    Offset: fifty (50) feet minimum.

(Prior code § 17.285(3))

17.24.040 Height requirements.

A.    Principal building: thirty-five (35) feet maximum.

B.    Accessory building: fifteen (15) feet maximum. (Prior code § 17.285(4))

17.24.050 Area regulations.

A.    Floor Area.

1.    Minimum required: see Chapter 17.116.

2.    Maximum FAR permitted: five percent.

B.    Lot Size.

1.    Minimum area: five acres, including adjacent street right-of-way.

2.    Minimum average width: three hundred (300) feet.

C.    Open space: four and one-half acres minimum per family.

D.    Maximum Lot Coverage.

1.    Principal building: five percent.

2.    Accessory building: one percent.

E.    Wetlands and Floodlands Used for Density Calculation. Where a lot is located partially within the UC upland conservancy district and partially within an adjoining wetland preservation district, floodway district, flood fringe district and/or general floodplain district, that portion of the lot located in the wetland or floodland district may be used to meet the minimum lot area requirements and minimum open space requirements of the UC upland conservancy district; provided, that not more than one and one-half acres of the lot area and open space requirements may be met by use of wetland or floodland district lands. Lots containing wetlands or floodlands shall be protected by a deed restriction or plat restriction which prohibits the erection of structures; prohibits the removal of vegetation, excepting the removal of damaged or diseased vegetation; and prohibits filling or excavating of those areas located within the wetland or floodland portion of the lot. The restriction shall run with the land in perpetuity. (Prior code § 17.285(5))

17.24.060 Specific prohibitions.

A.    No portion of any lot with slopes in excess of twelve (12) percent shall be used for the erection or construction of buildings, driveways, sidewalks, tennis courts, swimming pools or other paved surface areas.

B.    Lands lying within the UC upland conservancy district shall not be clear cut of trees, shrubbery or underbrush. No natural vegetation shall be removed from a parcel, except the minimum area needed to accommodate a building site and attendant driveway area. Normal pruning, trimming and shearing of vegetation; removal of dead, diseased or insect-infested vegetation; removal of damaged vegetation; or thinning of timber in accordance with a forestry management plan under Section 17.24.020(C) shall be exempt from this restriction. (Prior code § 17.285(6))