Chapter 17.37


17.37.010    Purpose.

17.37.020    Permitted uses.

17.37.030    Building locations.

17.37.040    Height regulations.

17.37.050    Area regulations.

17.37.060    Pavement location and landscape surface ratio.

17.37.010 Purpose.

The two-family residence district is intended to accommodate areas that the city planning process deems appropriate for two-family residences to be established. These areas will generally be at a point of transition between single-family residential and low-intensity business uses, particularly where the intensity and mass of nearby commercial is limited, pursuant to city plans and policies. The district is also intended to provide opportunities to introduce housing options for the community in addition to single-family detached or multiple-family attached housing. (Ord. 1691 § 2 (part), 1999)

17.37.020 Permitted uses.

Review of site and typical building plans shall be approved through Chapter 17.100.

A.    Two-family dwellings.

B.    Any use permitted in the R-1 residence district except detached one-family dwellings and accessory private garages. (Ord. 1691 § 2 (part), 1999)

17.37.030 Building locations.

A.    Setback: fifty (50) feet minimum.

B.    Offset: a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet, and a minimum of fifty (50) feet to a rear property line when such property line is adjacent to a less restrictive district or railroad right-of-way. (Ord. 1691 § 2 (part), 1999)

17.37.040 Height regulations.

A.    Principal building: thirty-five (35) feet maximum.

B.    Accessory building: to be determined in the course of plan review under Section 17.100. (Ord. 1691 § 2 (part), 1999)

17.37.050 Area regulations.

A.    Floor Area.

1.    Minimum required: As established by Chapter 17.116.

2.    Maximum FAR permitted: twenty-five (25) percent.

B.    Lot Size. Where more than one duplex structure is on a single parcel or where duplex buildings are divided into two separate condominium units, pseudo-lot boundries shall be configured for each duplex building in order to determine compliance with lot size and maximum lot coverage regulations.

1.    Minimum area: thirty thousand (30,000) square feet.

2.    Minimum average width: one hundred fifty (150) feet.

C.    Minimum open space: twelve thousand (12,000) square feet per unit.

D.    Maximum lot coverage: twenty-five (25) percent coverage by the principal building.

3.    This district is applied to the following listed properties:

a.    Tax Key 1050993, 15535 W. Capitol Drive; PT NW 1/4 SEC 11, T7N R20E, COMM AT NW COR, TH E 270 FT, TH S 195 FT, TH W 270 FT, TH N 195 FT TO BGN EX PT SOLD STATE 27,953 SQ FT.

b.    Tax Key 1050999, 15465 W. Capitol Drive; PT NW 1/4 SEC 11, T7N, R20E, N 1/2 OF NW 1/4 EXC PCLS SOLD, 5 AC MORE OF LESS, 217,800 SQ FT.

4.    The official zoning maps of the city shall be amended accordingly to reflect the zoning provisions enacted by the ordinance codified in this chapter; and

5.    Part 1 of the ordinance codified in this chapter creating the district and Parts 2 and 3 of said ordinance applying the district to certain properties are separable for purposes of protest petition analysis and the invalidation of one part shall not invalidate said ordinance as a whole. (Ord. 1691 § 2 (part), 1999)

17.37.060 Pavement location and landscape surface ratio.

A.    For conditional uses, pavement offset shall be twenty-five (25) feet, and pavement setback shall be twenty-five (25) feet.

B.    For conditional uses, landscape surface ratio shall be a minimum of fifty (50) percent. (Ord. 2606-20 § 7, 2020)