Chapter 17.81


17.81.010    Purpose.

17.81.020    Permitted uses.

17.81.030    General restrictions.

17.81.040    Layout and dimensional standards.

17.81.050    Area regulations.

17.81.010 Purpose.

The light industrial and commercial mixed-use district (LI&CM) is intended to encourage and promote a well-planned mixed-use environment with light industrial, commercial, and office components. A portion of the district should be designed to include mixed-use buildings with commercial and office uses layered vertically, horizontally or among multiple buildings. A specific goal is to encourage efficient land use by facilitating developments that minimize the amount of land needed for surface parking through creative design, lessened setbacks and the use of underground parking where feasible while at the same time acknowledging the existence of bedrock close to existing land surface grades in the district and the necessity of balancing permitted uses with the impact on traffic circulation and the need to display vehicles in the case of automobile or motorcycle dealerships. (Ord. 2375-14 § 1, 2014: Ord. 2173-09 § 1 (part))

17.81.020 Permitted uses.

The following land uses shall be permitted within the light industrial and commercial mixed-use district (LI&CM)—Northwest Gateway Neighborhood Plan 2008 area:

A.    Subject to all approvals and conditions required by Chapter 17.100 and the provisions of this district, the permitted uses shall be:

1.    Commercial Mixed-Use. Lands between Gumina Road and Capitol Drive and lands fronting Gumina Road.

a.    Any uses described in Chapter 17.52, B-1 Local Business District, Chapter 17.60, B-2 General Business District, and Chapter 17.64, B-3 Regional Business District.

b.    Any office uses described in Chapter 17.76, Office District.

c.    Freestanding single-use retail.

d.    Funeral homes.

2.    Light Industrial. Properties located north of Gumina Road and the commercial mixed use area as depicted and described within the Northwest Gateway Neighborhood Plan 2008 area.

a.    Any uses described in Chapter 17.72, Office and Limited Industry District.

b.    Building supply store and warehouse.

3.    (Repealed by Ord. 2606-20).

4.    Existing office, commercial and industrial uses that exist as of December 31, 2008.

5.    Vehicle Services. Lands located south of Capitol Drive between Barker Road and a point seven hundred fifty (750) feet east of the east right-of-way line of Gateway Road.

a.    Automobile or motorcycle sales, new car or new motorcycle. Ancillary used car or motorcycle sales are permitted where such solely support the new car or motorcycle sales.

b.    Automobile fuel station when incorporated into a food and beverage convenience store not including liquor sales.

c.    Car wash when incorporated into automobile sales or automobile fuel station.

d.    Automobile or motorcycle service or body repair when incorporated into new automobile or motorcycle sales.

e.    Freestanding retail.

f.    Restaurant, dine-in, restaurant, casual dining with pickup window, restaurant, fast food with drive-through.

6.    Airport, landing field, hangars, or landing strip. (Ord. 2606-20 § 23, 2020; Ord. 2375 § 2, 2014; Ord. 2173-09 § 1 (part))

17.81.030 General restrictions.

A.    Written Determination. When reviewing and approving or advising on requests for zoning or development approvals, the plan commission shall make written determinations that the proposed development is consistent with the goal/vision identified in the Northwest Gateway Neighborhood Plan 2008.

B.    Placement, Density, and Design. The provisions identified in the Northwest Gateway Neighborhood Plan 2008 are incorporated herein by reference and shall serve as guidelines for the placement and design of new development within this district. Generally, these call for light industrial and commercial mixed-use development. The Northwest Gateway Neighborhood Plan 2008 includes a provision for the placement of a wholesaler or distributor in this district. The development pattern is intended to provide coordinated site planning and provide a mix of ancillary uses to the general light industrial area. (Ord. 2173-09 § 1 (part))

17.81.040 Layout and dimensional standards.

A.    Building Height Regulations. No maximum height restriction for light industrial and office uses. Commercial uses are limited to a fifty (50) foot maximum.

B.    Accessory Height Regulations. Accessory building: fifteen (15) feet maximum. The plan commission may approve a taller accessory building (not to exceed the height of the principal building) if the building complements the principal building design.

C.    Setback: fifty (50) feet minimum for buildings along Capitol Drive and twenty-five (25) feet along Gumina Road and ten feet along other public streets. Twenty-five (25) feet minimum for parking along the north side of Capitol Drive and ten feet along the south side of Capitol Drive, Gumina Road and other public streets.

D.    Offset: ten feet minimum for buildings and parking except south of Capitol Drive where parking shall be a minimum of five feet.

E.    Notwithstanding provisions for fire prevention codes, easements and building codes will apply for the determination of all setbacks and offsets. (Ord. 2375-14 § 3, 2014; Ord. 2173-09 § 1 (part))

17.81.050 Area regulations.

A.    Floor Area.

1.    Maximum floor area ratio (FAR) permitted: sixty-five (65) percent light industrial and office; thirty-five (35) percent commercial retail.

B.    Lot Size.

1.    Minimum lot size: thirty thousand (30,000) square feet.

C.    Open Space.

1.    Open space: fifteen (15) percent minimum in addition to preservation of any wetlands as identified in this district, and meet the city’s storm water management ordinance provisions. Ten percent minimum for lands located south of Capitol Drive. (Ord. 2375-14 § 4, 2014; Ord. 2173-09 § 1 (part))