Chapter 17.60


17.60.010    Use regulations.

17.60.020    Building and parking locations.

17.60.030    Height regulations.

17.60.040    Area regulations.

17.60.010 Use regulations.

A.    Permitted Uses. Subject to all approvals and conditions required by Chapter 17.100 and the provisions of this district, the permitted uses shall be:

1.    Any use as permitted in the local business district, except that no residential use shall be permitted;

2.    The following businesses and trades of a more general nature, normally serving a larger trade area:

a.    Auditoriums, theaters, dance halls and other amusement places;

b.    Dry cleaning and dyeing establishments;

c.    Automobile repair shops and storage garages, but not including the storage of junked or wrecked automobiles or parts;

d.    Laundries;

e.    Lockers and cold storage plants;

f.    Any similar use subject to the approval of the plan commission;

g.    Restaurants, including restaurants permitted in a local business district, casual dining restaurant with pickup window, fast food with drive-through restaurant and a limited food establishment with a drive-through, pickup window, or delivery service. All restaurants are permitted to have outdoor seating not exceeding twenty-five (25) percent of the indoor seating capacity. Traffic circulation and impacts, location and operating hours of outdoor seating and adequacy of parking shall be considered as part of the review and plan and method of operation. Delivery service shall meet intensive use regulations;

3.    Signs, billboards and other advertising media, erected in accordance with Chapter 15.16;

4.    The removal of top soil if a permit is granted under Chapter 17.124;

5.    Automobile service station, subject to the plan commission’s approval of their location, and plan and method of operation and subject to the further condition that no such station shall be located, built, constructed, maintained or operated:

a.    Within five hundred (500) feet of any public building or within the same distance of any public theater;

b.    On any lot where two-thirds of the buildings within a radius of four hundred (400) feet of any point on the lot line are used exclusively for residence purposes without the written consent of a majority of the ownerships of all the buildings, irrespective of the purpose for which used, within such radius of any point on the lot line;

c.    Within five hundred (500) feet of any other automobile service station unless the plan commission determines, upon examining the plan and specifications of the size and layout of the proposed station submitted by the prospective operator and upon examining a report of the city engineer as to the effect of such a station upon present traffic conditions, that the proposed station will not result in a traffic, fire, health or safety hazard and that such a station will not be offensive or a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood by reason of its physical, social or economic effects;

d.    So that the boundary line of any driveway connecting such station with any streets is nearer than two hundred (200) feet from any corner, as measured by the intersection of base setback lines disregarding any visual setback line, unless the plan commission determines, upon examining the plan and specifications of the size and layout of the proposed station submitted by the prospective operator and upon examining a report of the city engineer as to the effect of such a station upon present traffic conditions, that the location and access driveways of the proposed station will not result in a traffic or safety hazard nor unduly interfere with the orderly and expeditious flow and control of traffic at such intersection, in which case the plan commission may reduce such two hundred (200) foot requirement, but may not reduce such requirement below one hundred (100) feet;

e.    Gas pumps or other accessory equipment shall be no closer than forty (40) feet to the base setback line and twenty (20) feet from the offset line;

f.    A used car lot shall not be permitted as an accessory to or part of an automobile service station operation.

B.    Prohibited Uses. No residences permitted.

C.    General Regulations. All the permitted uses hereunder shall be conducted wholly inside a building or buildings, except the parking of vehicles and as otherwise listed within the provisions of this district. (Ord. 2606-20 § 13; amended during 1/21/16 update; Ord. 2325-13 § 5, 2013; Ord. 2251-11 § 7, 2011; Ord. 1972-04 § 2, 2004; prior code § 17.35(1))

17.60.020 Building and parking locations.

A.    Setback: one hundred (100) feet minimum, except off-street parking conforming to Section 17.120.010 may be in the setback except the front twenty-five (25) feet thereof.

B.    Offset: ten feet for buildings or parking, except where the property is adjacent to a residential district where the building and parking offset shall be twenty-five (25) feet on the side or rear adjacent to the residential district, and except for intensive uses as specified in Section 17.108.090. Where an existing parking offset is less than twenty-five (25) feet and an addition to the existing parking area is proposed, the offset for the addition may be less than twenty-five (25) feet but greater than ten feet and shall be landscaped with a continuous year-round landscape screen, consisting of a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, shall be installed and maintained to a minimum height of twelve (12) feet for the full depth of a ten-foot offset.

C.    Accessory structures with foundations in association with the creation of “third places” within the building setback include pergolas, permanent seating, band shells, decks, gazebos or similar structure as determined by the plan commission. (Ord. 2296-12 § 3, 2012; prior code § 17.35(2))

17.60.030 Height regulations.

A.    Principal building: thirty-five (35) feet maximum.

B.    Accessory buildings: fifteen (15) feet maximum. (Prior code § 17.35(3))

17.60.040 Area regulations.

A.    Floor Area.

1.    Maximum FAR permitted, thirty (30) percent including accessory buildings.

B.    Lot Size.

1.    Minimum area: thirty thousand (30,000) square feet.

2.    Minimum average width: one hundred fifty (150) feet.

C.    Lot Coverage and Landscape Surface Ratio (LSR).

1.    Maximum lot coverage: seventy (70) percent all buildings and impervious surfaces.

2.    Minimum LSR: thirty (30) percent. (Prior code § 17.35(4))