Chapter 3.50


3.50.010    Mitigation rates.

3.50.020    Payment.

3.50.010 Mitigation rates.

There shall be a charge for the delivery of emergency and nonemergency services by the Fire Department for personnel, supplies and equipment to the scene for the following incidents:

1.    Fuel leaks of improperly maintained vehicles.

2.    Hazardous materials spills and leaks.

3.    Unattended fires and uncontrolled open burning.

4.    Specialized rescue – confined space, high or low angle, etc.

5.    False alarms (third or more within one-year period).

6.    Motor vehicle accidents.

The mitigation rates shall be based on actual costs of the services and that which is usual, customary and reasonable, which may include any services, personnel, supplies, and equipment. The East Troy Area Emergency Services District shall be authorized to bill and collect such costs on behalf of the Town of East Troy in accordance with the East Troy Area Emergency Service Mitigation Rate Schedule, and including any future rates based upon the actual costs incurred.

The East Troy Area Emergency Services District shall continue to bill the state of Wisconsin and/or Walworth County for all highway accidents. (Ord. 2012-3 § 1. 2008 code § 4.03(1))

3.50.020 Payment.

A claim shall be filed to the responsible party through their insurance carrier. In some circumstances, the responsible party will be billed directly. (Ord. 2012-3 § 2. 2008 code § 4.03(2))