Chapter 12.10


12.10.010    Owner to construct.

12.10.020    Permit required.

12.10.030    Specifications.

12.10.010 Owner to construct.

When the Town Board by resolution determines a sidewalk to be necessary for the public health, safety, and welfare, it shall be the duty of the abutting owner to build, repair, construct, and perpetually maintain sidewalks along or upon any street, alley, or highway in the Town and to pay the entire cost thereof. Whenever the Town Board shall by resolution determine that a sidewalk be laid, built, repaired, lowered, or raised along or upon any public street, alley, or highway within the Town, it shall proceed according to Wis. Stat. § 66.0907. (Ord. 2010-12 § 1. 2008 code § 7.04(1))

12.10.020 Permit required.

No person shall hereafter lay, remove, replace, or repair any public sidewalk within the Town unless he is under contract with the Town to do such work or has obtained a permit therefor from the Town Board at least seven days before work is proposed to be undertaken. (2008 code § 7.04(2))

12.10.030 Specifications.

1.    All sidewalks constructed in the Town shall conform to the line and grade established by the ordinances or resolutions of the Town. The minimum slope from the top of the curb (either existing or established by ordinance) to the street side of the sidewalk shall be one-quarter inch per foot. The maximum slope from the top of the curb as above described to the street side of the sidewalk shall be one inch per foot. The sidewalk grade shall in all cases be parallel to the grade of the top of the curb. The slope of the sidewalk from the street side to the property side shall be one-quarter inch per foot.

2.    In cases where the grade exceeds 15 percent, steps or special construction shall be required to fit the existing conditions. Such details shall be prepared by the Town Engineer or an engineer designated by the Town Board and approved by the Town Board before construction of the walk is started.

3.    The expense of constructing sidewalks shall be borne entirely by the owner of the abutting property except that on corner lots the Town shall pay for all sidewalks lying within the property lines extended which portion of the sidewalk would not be abutting any privately owned lot or piece of property.

4.    All sidewalks constructed shall conform to these specifications. Any sidewalk not built to these specifications shall be ordered removed and reconstructed in accordance with these specifications.

5.    Construction Specifications.

a.    All sidewalks shall be constructed on a firm sub-base of gravel or crushed rock having a minimum thickness of four inches.

b.    All sidewalks shall be of one course concrete four inches in thickness, composed of: one part Portland cement, two parts of sand, and four parts of stone which is less than one inch in size. All sidewalks which are used as a driveway shall be constructed as described above except that they shall have a minimum thickness of six inches. (2008 code § 7.04(3))