Chapter 12.15


12.15.010    Conformance to grade and line.

12.15.020    Petition for curbs and gutter to be built.

12.15.030    Expense of construction.

12.15.040    Accepted Town streets.

12.15.050    Order to build.

12.15.060    Repair of existing curbs and gutters.

12.15.070    Removal of existing curb and gutter.

12.15.080    Construction specifications.

12.15.010 Conformance to grade and line.

All curbs and gutters constructed in the Town shall conform to the grade and line established by the ordinances of the Town and all work connected therewith shall be let by contract by the Town Board to the lowest responsible bidder. (2008 code § 7.05(1))

12.15.020 Petition for curbs and gutter to be built.

Whenever the owners of a majority of the frontage on both sides of any street in any block and between two intersecting streets in the Town desire curbs and gutters built and petition for the same, the Town Board shall order the construction of said curbs and gutters along both sides of the street mentioned in said petition. (2008 code § 7.05(2))

12.15.030 Expense of construction.

The expense of constructing said curbs and gutters shall be borne by the benefited property owners. (2008 code § 7.05(3))

12.15.040 Accepted Town streets.

ETMC 12.15.010, 12.15.020 and 12.15.030 apply only to those streets which are accepted Town streets. Accepted Town streets are defined as those listed with the Wisconsin State Highway Commission as Town streets. (2008 code § 7.05(4))

12.15.050 Order to build.

The Town Board may order curbs and gutters built on any accepted Town street. (2008 code § 7.05(5))

12.15.060 Repair of existing curbs and gutters.

The repair of all existing curbs and gutters on accepted streets which have been installed in accordance with the above specifications shall be arranged by the Town, the cost to be borne 50 percent by the Town and 50 percent by the benefited property owner. (2008 code § 7.05(6))

12.15.070 Removal of existing curb and gutter.

All persons cutting a drive into an existing curb and gutter shall remove the existing curb and replace said curb and gutter with a driveway gutter at their own expense. (2008 code § 7.05(7))

12.15.080 Construction specifications.

The following are the construction specifications:

1.    This work shall consist of constructing concrete masonry combination curb and gutter of the dimensions and design as indicated on cross-section attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter, and placed in one course on the prepared subgrade or base, at the locations as shown on the contract form and to the line and grade as established by the Town Engineer or an engineer designated by the Town Board.

2.    Materials. Concrete shall be 3,000 pound strength as per specifications of the American Society for Testing Materials. Expansion joint material shall be of a type suitable to the Engineer.

3.    Equipment. Equipment and tools necessary for performing all parts of the work shall be satisfactory as to design, capacity, and mechanical condition for the purposes intended and any equipment which is not maintained in full working order or which as used by the contractor is proven inadequate to obtain results prescribed, shall be repaired, improved, replaced or supplemented to obtain the progress and workmanship contemplated by the contract. All equipment and tools are to be furnished by the contractor.

4.    Construction Methods.

a.    Preparation of Subgrade. The subgrade shall be prepared by excavating to the lines and grades as determined by the engineer, and the cross-section as shown on the cross-section sheet attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter. All soft or unsuitable material shall be removed and replaced with gravel, and the subgrade shall be compacted thoroughly and finished to a firm true surface. The subgrade shall be thoroughly moistened immediately before the concrete is placed.

b.    Forms. Forms shall be of wood or metal and shall be straight and of sufficient strength to resist springing, tipping, or other displacement during the process of depositing and consolidating the concrete. If of wood, forms shall be surfaced plank of at least two inches nominal thickness stock except for sharply curved sections; and if of metal, they shall be of approved construction. The forms shall be of the full depth of the combination curb and gutter sections and shall be of such design as to permit secure fastening. Facing boards, if used, shall be so constructed and shaped that their lower edge conforms to the lines and radius indicated by the cross-section on the attached sheet. All forms shall be cleaned thoroughly and oiled before the concrete is placed against them.

c.    Placing Concrete. Unless otherwise provided by the Engineer, curb and gutter shall be securely anchored to the adjoining pavement, or provision for such anchorage shall be provided by the placing of specified tie bars as shown on the cross-section. The concrete shall be deposited to the proper depth, thoroughly consolidated, spaded against the forms, and struck off and finished to the required section. Steel separators of a section conforming to the true contour of the curb face shall be placed directly opposite all contraction joints in abutting pavement and at such intervals between expansion joints or between expansion and contraction joints so that no monolithic section of a curb and gutter shall be less than six or more than 10 feet in length. Separators shall be removed as soon as practicable after the concrete has been struck off, consolidated, and set sufficiently to preserve the width and shape of the joint. After separator plates have been removed, the joints so formed shall be rounded with an edger of one-quarter-inch radius.

d.    Finishing. The face surfaces of the curb and gutter shall be thoroughly troweled and brushed, unless otherwise provided, the back edge of the curbs, the edge of the gutter adjacent to the pavement and edges adjacent to expansion joints shall be rounded with an edger of one-quarter-inch radius. Any honeycombed areas occurring along forms on backs of curbs or edges of gutters shall be pointed with cement mortar.

e.    Expansion Joints.

i.    Expansion joints shall be placed in the curb and gutter directly opposite the expansion joints in abutting pavement, and, unless otherwise provided, such joints shall be of the same type and thickness as the joints in the pavement. Joints shall be set at right angles to the face and top of the curb and gutters. At street intersections, a one-inch expansion joint, of the same type as used in other parts of the work, shall be placed in the curb and gutter where the tangent radial curb and gutter meet.

ii.    When new curb and gutter is built abutting old pavement which does not have at least three-quarters inch of effective expansion material per 100 linear feet of pavement slab, or when constructed independent of and not adjoining any pavement, there shall be placed in the curb and gutter not less than least three-quarters inch of approved expansion joint material for each 100 linear feet of such construction.

f.    Protection and Curing. All newly laid concrete shall be protected from damage and shall be covered with wet burlap for a period of 72 hours after pouring, or sprayed with acceptable curing compound.

g.    Gravel Fill. In all places where it is necessary to provide gravel fill under the new curb, the Town shall be responsible to haul in the required gravel fill. The contractor shall be responsible for leveling the fill.

h.    Finishing Grading. The contractor shall level the area in back of the curb to meet existing ground in a good workmanlike manner, or in special conditions, in accordance with plans prepared by the Town Engineer. (2008 code § 7.05(8))