Title 17


Division I. General Regulations

17.02    Title, Components and Purposes

17.04    Zoning Districts Established

17.06    General Rules

Division II. Base Zoning Districts

17.08    Residential Zoning Districts

17.10    R-1 District Design Regulations

17.12    R-4 District Design Regulations

17.14    Commercial Zoning Districts

17.18    Public and Quasi-Public Districts

Division III. Overlay and Community Plan Districts

17.20    Overlay Districts

17.22    Community Plan Districts and Specific Plans

Division IV. Provisions Applying in All or Several Districts

17.28    General Site Regulations and Standards for Specific Uses

17.30    Demolition of Buildings

17.32    Historic Preservation

17.34    Landscaping

17.36    Nonconforming Uses and Buildings

17.38    Off-Street Parking Requirements

17.40    Signs

17.42    Stormwater Quality and Utility

17.43    Water Quality Protection Ordinance

17.44    Subdivisions and Lot Line Adjustments

17.46    Telecommunications and Wireless Facilities

17.48    Trees and Shrubs

17.50    Water Management Program

Division V. Processes and Authorities

17.52    Permit Procedures

17.53    Cannabis

17.54    Appeals

17.56    Restricted Commercial Uses

17.58    Design Review

17.60    Environmental Review

17.62    Reclassifications and Amendments

17.64    Findings Required for Permits and Approvals

17.66    Enforcement

Division VI. Classifications, Terms and Definitions

17.68    Use Classifications

17.70    List of Terms and Definitions


    Prior legislation: Ords. 35 N.S. and 248 N.S.