Chapter 15.80


15.80.010    Reinspection fees.

15.80.020    Code enforcement.

15.80.010 Reinspection fees.

Whenever a Building Division or Code Enforcement Division employee has made an inspection or researched records in connection with the enforcement of this code and/or any other code which said department is legally entitled to enforce, and whenever said employee has requested an individual or agency to perform work, take action, or refrain from action to ensure compliance with said codes, and when, upon reinspection or subsequent record searches, said employee discovers that the work, action, or inaction requested has not been performed as requested, the individual or agency shall be charged a reinspection fee in the amount set forth in the resolution establishing fees and charges for various municipal services.

(Code 1965, § 9800; Code 2002, § 14-31. Ord. No. 17; Ord. No. 1136; Ord. No. 1237; Ord. No. 13-8, § 1)

15.80.020 Code enforcement.

(a) The Building Official, the Building Inspection Supervisor, and the Code Enforcement Division have the nonexclusive duty to enforce the following provisions of this code:

Title 6:

Chapter 6.10

Chapter 6.15

Title 8:

Sections 8.10.020 through 8.10.040

Chapter 8.20:

Sections 8.20.010 through 8.20.040, 8.20.060, 8.20.070, 8.20.130, 8.20.230

Title 9:

Section 9.05.090

Title 12:

Chapter 12.20

Chapter 12.30

Title 13:

Chapter 13.15, Article I

Chapter 13.15, Article II

Title 15:

Chapter 15.10

Chapter 15.15

Chapter 15.30

Chapter 15.35

Chapter 15.60

Chapter 15.65

Chapter 15.80

Chapter 15.100

CDC Title 18:

Chapter 18.10 CDC

Chapter 18.25 CDC

Chapter 18.30 CDC

Chapter 18.40 CDC

Chapter 18.45 CDC

Chapter 18.50 CDC

Chapter 18.60 CDC

Chapter 18.65 CDC

Chapter 18.150 CDC

Chapter 18.160 CDC

Chapter 18.180 CDC

Chapter 18.210 CDC

Chapter 18.455 CDC

Chapter 18.415 CDC

Chapter 18.435 CDC

Chapter 18.510 CDC

Chapter 18.540 CDC

CDC 18.20.030

(b) The City Manager is authorized to designate additional chapters of this code to be enforced by designated city staff.

(c) When enforcing the above provisions, the Building Official, Building Inspection Supervisor, and Code Enforcement Division shall have all the powers delegated by Penal Code Section 836.5.

(d) Those Building Inspectors and Code Enforcement Division staff assigned to code enforcement duties and designated staff of the Public Works Department have the nonexclusive duty to enforce the provisions of this code set forth above in this section. When enforcing the above provisions, those Building Inspectors, Code Enforcement Division staff, and the Public Works Department staff shall have all the powers delegated by Penal Code Section 836.5.

(Code 1965, § 9801; Code 2002, § 14-32. Ord. No. 1237; Ord. No. 17; Ord. No. 85-39; Ord. No. 13-8, § 2)