Title 15


Division 1. Fremont Building Standards Code

15.05    General Provisions

15.10    Fremont Building Code

15.15    Fremont Mechanical Code

15.20    Fremont Plumbing Code

15.25    Fremont Electrical Code

15.30    Fremont Existing Building Code

15.35    Fremont Fire Code

15.40    Fremont Swimming Pool and Spa Code

15.44    Fremont Energy Code

15.45    Fremont Property Maintenance Code

15.47    Fremont Residential Building Code

15.48    Fremont Green Building Standards Code

15.49    Fremont Historical Building Code

Division 2. General Building Regulations

15.50    Building Security

15.55    House Numbering

15.60    Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Retrofit Requirements for Certain Types of Apartment Buildings

15.63    Permit Process for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Systems

15.64    Permit Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

15.65    Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area

15.67    Universal Design

Division 3. Earthquake Hazard Reduction and Retrofit

15.70    Earthquake Hazard Reduction Requirements and Minimum Standards for Existing Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

15.75    Earthquake Retrofit Standards and Requirements for Soft-Story Residential Buildings

15.80    Earthquake Hazard Reduction in Existing Tilt-Up Concrete and Reinforced Masonry (TRM) Buildings

Division 4. Post-Disaster Regulations

15.85    Placards

15.90    Demolition

15.95    Repair and Reconstruction