Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    Office established--Appointment--Oath.

6.08.020    Duties designated.

6.08.030    Citation issuing authority.

6.08.040    Right of entry.

6.08.050    Badge--Uniform.

6.08.060    Obstruction of officer prohibited.

6.08.070    Employment of contractor permitted.

6.08.080    Employment of contractor--Restrictions.

6.08.010 Office established--Appointment--Oath.

A.    There is established in this city the office of animal control officer.

B.    The animal control officer shall be appointed by the city council.

C.    Deputy animal control officers shall be appointed by the animal control officer from a list of eligible candidates.

D.    The animal control officer and his deputies shall take and subscribe an oath of office and file the same with the city clerk. (Ord. 459 §201, 1970)

6.08.020 Duties designated.

The duties of the animal control officer are as follows:

A.    To operate the public pound and any branches thereof within the city at such place or places as may be designated by the city council; provided, however, that nothing in this title shall prevent the city council from entering into a contract with the county Humane Society or other organization for the operation of a public pound.

B.    To provide for the sale and issuance of licenses and to enforce all provisions of this title and all laws of the state relating to the control of dogs and other animals, domestic or wild.

C.    Keep a record of the number, description and disposition of all animals impounded showing in detail in the case of each animal the date or receipt, date and manner of disposal, name of persons reclaiming, redeeming, the reason for destruction, the fines, charges, proceeds received on account thereof, and such additional records as may be deemed necessary. A monthly report of all rabies control activities shall be submitted to the health officer containing the same information required in Section 2606.4, Title 17, California Administrative Code. In the event that the pound is conducted by the Humane Society or other organization under contract with this city, then the above records shall be kept by said organization and shall be open to inspection by those agents of the city designated in such contract at any reasonable time and shall be delivered to the animal control officer on termination of the contract. (Ord. 459 §202, 1970)

6.08.030 Citation issuing authority.

The animal control officer and his deputies shall, upon appointment and qualifications, become and be vested with the powers and duties of peace officers of the city as limited by Section 830 of the Penal Code of the state and each shall have the power, and it shall be their duty, to issue citations for violation of any provisions of this title. (Ord. 459 §203, 1970)

6.08.040 Right of entry.

For the purpose of discharging his duties imposed by this title the animal control officer and his deputies are authorized and directed to enter upon any enclosed or unenclosed property upon which any animal is kept or found in violation of the provisions of this title, and to demand from the person owning or having charge or control of the animal, exhibition of the license and tag for such animal if it is required to be licensed by this title. No entry shall be made except upon reasonable evidence that such violation is occurring or has in fact occurred. (Ord. 459 §204, 1970)

6.08.050 Badge--Uniform.

A.    The animal control officer and his deputies, while engaged in the execution of their duties, shall each wear in plain view a badge on which shall be engraved the words “Deputy Animal Control Officer” as is appropriate.

B.    The animal control officer, subject to approval by the city council, may authorize appropriate uniforms for his deputies with uniform allowances consistent with allowances in other city enforcement agencies, and necessary immunizations. The cost of immunizations shall be a proper city expense. (Ord. 459 §205, 1970)

6.08.060 Obstruction of officer prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to resist, hinder or obstruct the animal control officer or the health officer or any of their deputies in the exercise of their duties as imposed by this title. (Ord. 459 §903, 1970)

6.08.070 Employment of contractor permitted.

The city council may enter into a contract to provide for the enforcement and carrying out of the requirements of this title with the county or with private persons as the city council may from time to time deem necessary or advisable. (Ord. 459 §906, 1970)

6.08.080 Employment of contractor--Restrictions.

A.    The city council may contract with any responsible organization for the performance of all or any portion of those duties imposed upon the animal control officer. Provision may be made in said contract for appointment and compensation of the animal control officers other than as provided in Section 6.08.010 of this chapter, but no person appointed by such organization shall become a peace officer as provided by Section 6.08.030 of this chapter until such person has been approved by the city council.

B.    Any contract executed pursuant to this section which provides that the impounding function shall be handled by other than the animal control officer shall provide that such agency shall make adequate provisions for receiving animals from the animal control officer or his deputies during regular business hours. (Ord. 459 §904, 1970)