Chapter 12.23


12.23.010    Official names.

12.23.020    Street name selections.

12.23.030    Continuous streets.

12.23.040    Street name composition.

12.23.010 Official names.

A.    City streets may be officially named or the official name of an existing street may be changed after submittal of the proposed name to the city planning commission and city council. Submittal of a proposed name may be made by application of affected property owners or by city staff. Upon submittal of a proposed street name or street name change, the matter shall be reviewed by the city planning commission for conformance with the general plan and the existing city street name network. The planning commission shall make a recommendation to the Lakeport city council concerning the proposed name. The city council shall conduct a public hearing after giving notice in at least two public places along the street to be affected by the proposed name change and by mailing a notice of the hearing to property owners contiguous to the affected street at least ten days prior to the hearing date. At the public hearing, the city council shall consider the staff report, the recommendation of the planning commission, and the comments from affected property owners, tenants or occupants that are contiguous to the street.

B.    After considering all facts and information, the city council shall determine the need for said name or name change and make a decision thereon. Said new name or name change shall be reflected in a resolution adopted by the Lakeport city council. Thereafter said street shall be known by the name so designated. The new name or name change shall become effective sixty days after adoption of the resolution of street name or name change by the Lakeport city council. A copy of the resolution of street name or name change shall be sent to all affected city, county and state agencies, and affected property owners.

C.    Any existing street which has not been officially named by the city council shall be subject to the same notice, hearing, and decision-making process as set forth above. Thereafter, said unnamed street shall be known by the name so designated.

D.    New street names proposed as part of a subdivision shall be reviewed by staff in terms of conformance with the street name network so as to eliminate the potential for duplicate street names. Proposed subdivision street names shall be identified on the subdivision map and upon recordation of the subdivision or parcel map shall be known by the name so designated. (Ord. 739 (part), 1992)

12.23.020 Street name selections.

Street name selections shall be made on the basis of appropriateness and shall not be excessively long. Names which are historically or descriptively significant to the Lakeport area are encouraged. All streets shall be known by the same name for the entire length. Where a street changes a direction by ninety degrees or a lesser angle, each direction should be known by a different name except as otherwise provided by the Lakeport city council for a continuous collector and arterial street. (Ord. 739 (part), 1992)

12.23.030 Continuous streets.

Only those streets that extend both north and south of First Street shall be designated with the prefix “N” (North) if they are north of First Street and shall be designated with an “S” (South) if they are south of First Street. Those streets that do not intersect with and do not extend either north or south of First Street shall not be designated with the “N” or “S” directional suffix. (Ord. 739 (part), 1992)

12.23.040 Street name composition.

Street names shall contain only alphanumeric characters and shall not contain any form of punctuation. (Ord. 766, 1995)