Chapter 2.36


2.36.010    Stamp authorized.

2.36.020    Legal papers required to be manually signed.

2.36.030    Absence of Mayor – Execution by Clerk.

2.36.050    Execution by City Manager.

2.36.010 Stamp authorized.

The Mayor is hereby authorized to use a stamp bearing a facsimile of his/her signature for the signing of the minutes of the City Council, copies (not originals) of resolutions and ordinances adopted by the City Council, water agreements approved by the City Council and permits approved by the City Council. (Ord. 171 § 1, 1958)

2.36.020 Legal papers required to be manually signed.

City warrants, deeds, contracts and legal papers not specified in MSMC 2.36.010 are to be manually signed by the Mayor, or, in his absence, by the acting Mayor. (Ord. 171 § 2, 1958)

2.36.030 Absence of Mayor – Execution by Clerk.

In the absence of the Mayor, all documents and legal papers are to be manually signed by the Mayor Pro Tem. Where the same require attestation or signature by the City Clerk, they are to bear the manual signature thereof, or that of a deputy. (Ord. CCO-96-07 § 21, 1996; Ord. 171 § 3, 1958)

2.36.050 Execution by City Manager.

Wherever this code requires that a contract, document, draft, instrument, court pleading, notice, complaint or citation for violation of a City ordinance, or other paper, be signed or executed by a City department head or other specified City employee, the City Manager may also do so; provided, however, that this authority may only be exercised by the City Manager when the specified department head or employee is absent from the City, or is otherwise unavailable, and the City Manager first obtains the consent of the specified department head or employee, the Mayor, or Mayor Pro Tem; and provided further, that this authority may not be exercised when to do so would violate any State or Federal law or regulation. (Ord. CCO-91-05, 1991)