Title 10


10.04    Intoxicating Liquor

10.06    Human Waste

10.08    Interference With Public Access

10.12    Interfering With Law Enforcement

10.14    Prohibition Against Camping in Public Places

10.16    Gambling

10.24    Discharge of Weapons

10.26    Community Noise Control

10.28    Loud and Unreasonable Noise

10.32    Sound-Amplifying Equipment

10.36    Minor’s Curfew

10.48    Weed and Rubbish Abatement

10.50    Public Nuisance Abatement

10.52    Abandoned or Wrecked Vehicles

10.54    Public Nudity

10.58    Police Services at Large Parties, Gatherings or Events on Private Property

10.59    Graffiti

10.60    Regulation of Display of Material, Which Is Harmful to Minors, in a Public Place

10.64    Construction and Maintenance Projects in Residential Districts

10.66    Loud and Unruly Gatherings

10.68    Targeted Residential Picketing

10.70    Cannabis Regulations

*    Animal nuisances—See Chapter 7.20.

    Driving, parking on the beach prohibited—See Chapter 12.08.

    Buildings and structures as nuisances—See Chapter 15.28.