Title 8


8.04    Health Permits

8.12    Outside Storage

8.16    Drilling for Gas and Oil

8.20    Abandoned Vehicles

8.22    Parking and Storage of Automobiles and Automobile Parts

8.23    Safe Parking

8.24    Water Wells

8.28    Solid Waste

8.29    Abandoned Residential Property Registration

8.30    Property Maintenance Ordinance

8.31    Graffiti Abatement

8.32    Fireworks

8.36    Smoking on Transit Buses

8.38    Prohibition of Smoking in Designated Public Places

8.39    Tobacco or Electronic Cigarette Retailers, Electronic Cigarettes, Vapor Lounges and Drug Paraphernalia

8.40    Air Pollution

8.44    Dumping and Filling – Laguna Grande Area

8.46    Urban Storm Water Quality Management and Discharge Control

8.50    Hazardous Materials Registration

8.54    Trees

8.60    Environmentally Preferable Food Packaging

8.62    Use of Single-Use Carryout Bags, Recycled Paper Bags, and Reusable Bags by Retail Establishments