Title 18


Division I. General Administration

18.05    General Provisions

18.10    Land Use Actions

18.15    Zone Changes and Plan Amendments

18.20    Variances

18.25    Conditional Uses

18.30    Home Occupations

18.35    Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF)

18.40    Annexations

18.45    Definitions

Division II. Residential Zoning and Development

18.50    Low Density Residential (RS) Zone

18.55    Medium Density Residential (RM) Zone

18.60    High Density Residential (RH) Zone

18.65    Mixed Density Residential (MX) Zone

Division III. Commercial Zones

18.70    Commercial Office (CO) Zone

18.75    Commercial Highway (CH) Zone

18.80    Commercial Retail (CR) Zone

18.85    Commercial Retail Transitional (CRT) Zone

18.90    Main Street (MS) District Zone

Division IV. Industrial Zones

18.95    Light Industrial (IL) Zone

18.100    Industrial Park (IP) Zone

18.105    General Industrial (GI) Zone

Division V. Public Service Zone and Open Space Zones

18.110    Public Services (PS) Zone

18.115    Public Service College (PSC) Zone

18.120    Open Space – Agriculture (OS-AG) Zone

Division VI. Floodplain Zone

18.125    Floodplain (FP) Zone

Division VII. Development Standards

18.130    Parking

18.135    Accessory Structures

18.140    Yards

18.145    Landscaping and Street Trees

18.150    Transportation Improvements

18.155    Heritage Trees

18.160    Historic Buildings and Sites

18.165    Significant Riparian Corridors

18.170    Wetland Protection Areas