Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Tree commission.

2.30.020    Term of office.

2.30.030    Compensation.

2.30.040    Duties and responsibilities.

2.30.050    Tree plan.

2.30.060    Tree care.

2.30.070    Annual Arbor Day celebration.

2.30.080    Annual report and evaluation by city council.

2.30.010 Tree commission.

There is hereby created and established a city tree commission which shall consist of five members, citizens and residents of this city and area who shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the city council. The tree commission serves at the pleasure of the city council. The commission shall carry out the Tree City program as encouraged by the National Arbor Day Foundation. [Ord. 536 § 1, 2009].

2.30.020 Term of office.

(1) The term of the five persons shall be three years except that the term of two of the members appointed to the first commission shall be for one year and the term for two members of the first commission shall be for two years. In the event that a vacancy shall occur during the term of any member, his/her successor shall be appointed for the unexpired portion of the term.

(2) All interested persons shall apply for membership on the commission utilizing the city’s normal board and commission application process.

(3) The commission shall choose its own officers, make its own rules and regulations and keep a record of its proceedings. A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum. [Ord. 536 § 2, 2009].

2.30.030 Compensation.

(1) Members of the commission shall serve without compensation.

(2) Members may have their expenses reimbursed depending upon the city’s budget and funding capacity. [Ord. 536 § 3, 2009].

2.30.040 Duties and responsibilities.

(1) It shall be the responsibility of the commission to study, investigate, counsel, and prepare and implement an annual written tree program and plan. Said plan must be presented to the city council annually for adoption and approval.

(2) Develop for city consideration a comprehensive tree planting and care program.

(3) Make recommendations to the city council regarding necessary expenditures for trees.

(4) Identify and carry out certain community work efforts as may enhance the tree program and community utilizing volunteer efforts, donations and private and public resources.

(5) The commission shall research and study the best trees to be planted in the community and shall develop and recommend to the city council a list of approved and most appropriate trees for use in Pilot Rock. No species other than those included in the list may be planted as street trees or in town without the written permission of the commission.

(6) Operate and carry out the general purpose and philosophy as outlined in the guidelines for Tree City USA. [Ord. 536 § 4, 2009].

2.30.050 Tree plan.

(1) As outlined in PRMC 2.30.040, the tree commission shall develop and prepare a tree plan for presentation to the city council for approval. The commission shall work with other groups and individuals in the community in preparing and implementing the tree program.

(2) The tree plan shall be reviewed annually and proposed changes brought before the city council for action.

(3) The tree plan shall include community volunteer projects aimed to improve the appearance and attractiveness of the community and to enhance the overall economic viability. [Ord. 536 § 5, 2009].

2.30.060 Tree care.

The tree commission shall include tree care in its tree plan and shall from time to time communicate best practices to the community. [Ord. 536 § 6, 2009].

2.30.070 Annual Arbor Day celebration.

The tree commission shall plan, organize and implement an annual Arbor Day celebration working in collaboration with local schools, the city and local businesses. The tree commission shall keep a written and photographic record of this annual event. [Ord. 536 § 7, 2009].

2.30.080 Annual report and evaluation by city council.

Annually, the tree commission shall meet with the city council to report on its activities, make recommendations to the city council and receive feedback and suggestions. [Ord. 536 § 8, 2009].