Title 3


3.05    Purchasing and Contract Procedures

3.08    Procurement Policies

3.10    Capitalization of Equipment and Other Assets

3.12    Sales and Use Tax

3.15    Public Facilities Sales and Use Tax

3.20    Additional Sales and Use Tax

3.22    Criminal Justice Sales and Use Tax

3.24    Chemical Dependency, Mental Health Treatment Services or Therapeutic Courts Sales and Use Tax

3.25    Enhanced 911 Excise Tax

3.30    Radio Access Line Excise Tax

3.35    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.40    Timber Harvesting Excise Tax

3.42    Hotel/Motel Excise Tax

3.43    Real Estate Excise Tax

3.45    Auditor’s Revolving Fund

3.50    Civil Revolving Fund

3.55    County Services Funds

3.60    Emergency Medical Services Grant Fund

3.65    Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund

3.70    Fairgrounds Barn Construction Fund

3.75    Justice of the Peace Office Petty Cash Fund

3.80    Mental Health Office Funds

3.85    Open Space Fund

3.90    Prosecuting Attorney’s Victim/Witness Fund

3.95    Public Health Office Change Fund

3.100    Senior Citizens Fund

3.105    Solid Waste Funds

3.110    Special Purpose Paths and Trails Fund

3.115    Touchet Valley Golf Course Funds

3.120    Treasurer’s Funds

3.125    Unemployment Compensation Fund

3.130    Touchet Valley Golf Course Fee Schedule

3.135    Health Services Fee Schedule

3.145    Destruction and Disposition of Recovered, Forfeited and Surplus Firearms

3.150    Sales and Use Tax – Credit against Prior Tax