Title 18


18.01    General Provisions

18.05    Comprehensive Plan and Map; Zoning Classifications, Uses Permitted, and Provisions Applicable to All Zones

18.10    Official Zoning Map

18.15    Nonconforming Buildings and Uses

18.20    Land Use Review Procedures

18.25    Amendments to Comprehensive Plan

18.30    Amendments to the Zoning Code, Map and Planned Unit Developments

18.35    Waiver of Zoning Requirements and Variances

18.40    Revocation, Expiration of Permits

18.45    Occupancy and Enforcement

18.50    Interpretation of Title 18 DMMC

Division I. Zones and Special Conditions

18.52    Permitted Uses

18.55    Single-Family Residential Zone

18.60    RA-3,600 Residential: Attached Townhouse and Duplex 3,600 Zone

18.65    RM-2,400 Residential: Multifamily 2,400 Zone

18.70    RM-1,800 Residential: Multifamily 1,800 Zone

18.75    RM-900 Residential: Multifamily 900 Zone

18.80    RM-900A and RM-900B Residential: Multifamily Zone

18.85    R-SE Residential: Suburban Estate Zone

18.90    N-C Neighborhood Commercial Zone

18.95    I-C Institutional Campus Zone

18.100    B-C Business Commercial Zone

18.105    B-P Business Park Zone

18.110    C-C Community Commercial Zone

18.115    D-C Downtown Commercial Zone

18.120    C-G General Commercial Zone

18.125    H-C Highway Commercial Zone

18.127    W-C Woodmont Commercial Zone

18.130    R-SR Residential: Suburban Residential Zone

18.135    Pacific Ridge Zone

18.136    T-C Transit Community Zone

18.140    Unclassified and Conditional Use Permits

Division II. Supplemental Conditions for Specific Use

18.150    Keeping of Animals in Residential Zones

18.155    Multifamily Recreation Areas

18.160    Adult Entertainment Facility Zoning

18.165    Hazardous Substances

18.170    Temporary Uses

18.175    Public Utilities

18.180    Family Day Care Providers

18.182    Supportive Housing Standards

Division III. General Conditions Applicable to All Zones

18.185    Noise Levels

18.190    Height, Yards, Area, and Open Spaces – General Provisions

18.195    Landscaping and Screening

18.200    Signs

18.205    Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure

18.210    Loading Areas and Off-Street Parking

18.215    Protection of Historic and Archeological Resources

18.220    Development Regulations on Land Acquired and Owned by Public Entities

18.230    Planned Unit Developments

18.235    Design Review

18.240    Hearing Examiner

18.245    Mobile Home Park Regulation Code

18.250    State-Licensed Marijuana Producers, Processors, and Retailers

18.255    Essential Public Facilities (EPF)