Chapter 2.06

2.06.000    Chapter Contents


2.06.010    Created.

2.06.020    Performance of tasks.

2.06.030    Assignment of members--Chairman.

2.06.050    Recommendation of advisory board and commission members.

2.06.060    Recommendation of interlocal board and commission members.

2.06.070    Terms--Vacancy filling.

2.06.010 Created

There are created the following committees of the city council along with a general description of topics for their consideration:

A.    General government committee: Public safety, operational policy, economic development, housing, general government issues, boards and commissions;

B.    Land use and environment committee: Planning, transportation, environment, utilities, parks, community development, neighborhoods;

C.    Finance committee: finance/budget.

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2.06.020 Performance of tasks

The committees created in this chapter shall perform such tasks in line with the subjects described in Section 2.06.010, or as may be referred to them by the council.

(Ord. 6460 1, 2007; Ord. 4469 §1, 1983; Ord. 4401 §2, 1982).

2.06.030 Assignment of members –Chairman

Councilmembers shall be assigned to a committee as determined by the city council after each council election. A chairman for each committee shall be selected by the council to preside over committee meetings. If necessary, each committee shall meet at least once a month or more, depending on the committee’s agenda, at date(s) and time(s) available to committee members.

(Ord. 5098 §1, 1990; Ord. 4711 §2, 1986; Ord. 4401 §3, 1982).

2.06.050 Recommendation of advisory board and commission members

The general government committee shall also recommend to the council the name(s) of person(s) to be appointed to the various advisory boards and commissions of the city as positions thereon become vacant. Before making the recommendation, the general government committee shall seek advice from other councilmembers, advertise for opening(s) in the press and media, notify interested citizen groups and interview interested applicants.

The council may confirm or refuse to confirm any such recommendation.

(Ord. 4401 §5, 1982).

2.06.060 Recommendation of interlocal board and commission members

The general government committee shall also recommend to the council the name(s) of councilmember(s) or other person(s) to be appointed to the various boards and committees created by interlocal agreement. Councilmembers shall be recommended for appointment to the intergovernmental committees based upon their membership in corresponding council committees.

The council may either confirm the recommendations or refuse to confirm same.

(Ord. 4401 §6, 1982).

2.06.070 Terms –Vacancy filling

The terms shall be for two-year periods, commencing on January 1st, of each even-numbered year. The terms for members of the Committee of the Chairs shall be co-extensive with the terms for members of the committees set forth in OMC Section 2.06.010. Vacancies occurring prior to the expiration of these terms shall be filled in the same manner as set forth in this chapter for regular appointments.

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