Title 17


17.04    General Provisions

17.08    Definitions

17.12    Establishment of Zoning Districts

17.16    Residential Zoning Districts

17.18    Mixed Use Zoning Districts

17.20    Commercial Zoning Districts

17.22    Marine-Related and Manufacturing Zoning Districts

17.24    Public, Park and Open Space Zoning Districts

17.26    Overlay Districts

17.27    Boat Haven Height Overlay District

17.28    Special Height Overlay District

17.29    Repealed

17.30    Historic Preservation Code

17.31    Rainier Street/Upper Sims Way Subarea

17.32    Planned Unit Developments

17.34    Cottage Housing Development Design Standards

17.36    Multifamily Residential Development Standards

17.40    Mixed Use Developments

17.44    Commercial and Mixed Use Architectural and Site Design Standards

17.46    Commercial, Multifamily, Cottage Housing Developments, and Mixed Use Architectural and Site Design Review Processes

17.50    Essential Public Facilities

17.52    Child Care Facilities

17.54    Formula Retail and Restaurant Establishments

17.56    Home Occupations

17.57    Bed and Breakfast Inns and Tourist Homes

17.58    Tiny Houses on Wheels and Tiny House on Wheels Communities

17.60    Temporary Uses

17.62    Shelter and Emergency Housing Performance Standards

17.64    Employer-Provided Housing

17.68    Fences, Walls, Arbors and Hedges

17.72    Off-Street Parking and Loading

17.76    Signs

17.78    Personal Wireless Service Facilities

17.80    Repealed

17.84    Conditional Uses

17.86    Variances

17.88    Nonconforming Lots, Structures and Uses

17.90    Rules of Construction and Interpretation of Code

17.94    Administration and Enforcement

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 2892 changed references in this title to the building and community development department (BCD) to development services department (DSD). Ord. 3287 further changed references to the development services department (DSD) to the planning and community development department (PCD).