15.60.005    Conflict among codes.

15.60.010    Cumulative civil penalty – Incurred when.

15.60.020    Violation.

15.60.025    Copies available for public use.

15.60.005 Conflict among codes.

When interpreting the provisions of the Quincy Municipal Code and the codes described in this chapter, the following rules shall apply:

A. In case of conflict among the codes adopted in chapters 15.04, 15.06, 15.08, 15.48 and 15.16, the first code identified in this subsection shall govern over those following.

B. Whenever any conflict occurs between any section of the Quincy Municipal Code and a code referred to in this Title, the code referred to in this title shall prevail; except in those instances relating to enforcement issues, where the Quincy Municipal Code shall prevail. (Ord 04-135 §18; Ord 95-05 §22)

15.60.010 Cumulative civil penalty – Incurred when.

Any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of Chapters 15.04, 15.06, 15.08, 15.16, 15.28, 15.40 and 15.48 of this title shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall incur a cumulative C-7 penalty for each day, or portion of a day, from the date set for correction thereof, pursuant to this Title, until the violation is corrected. (Ord 04-135 §19; Ord 766 §1, 1989)

15.60.020 Violation.

Whenever the Code Enforcement Officer or fire chief determines that a continuing violation of any provision of this Title, the Code Enforcement Officer or fire chief is authorized to issue a notice of violation directed to the person(s) permitting, committing or causing such violation. Such notice of violation shall be a "Civil Regulatory Order", and shall conform to, and the process for enforcing the notice of violation shall be pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 17.15 of the Quincy Municipal Code. (Ord 04-135 § 20; Ord 01-81 §8: Ord 766 §1, 1989)

15.60.025 Copies available for public use.

A copy of the codes adopted by this Title, together with all amendments and addendums thereto, as hereafter amended, shall be on file in the office of the Finance Officer/Clerk for use and examination by the public. (Ord 04-135 §21)