Chapter 17.12


17.12.010  General definition.

17.12.020  Redivision.

17.12.030  Application--Generally.

17.12.040  Application--Preliminary consultation.

17.12.050  Application--Form and fee.

17.12.060  Application--Map.

17.12.070  Application--Written information.

17.12.080  Clerk responsibility.

17.12.090  Building official responsibility.

17.12.100  Planning commission responsibility.

17.12.110  Signature and recording.

17.12.120  Appeal.

17.12.010 General definition.

Divisions of land into four lots or less; and containing no dedications, new street or roads, extensions of municipal facilities, or the creation of any municipal improvements, and to which this title is applicable in accordance with Sections 17.04.040 and 17.04.050 shall be known as short subdivisions and shall be governed by this chapter.  (Ord. 134-B §4.101, 1982)

17.12.020 Redivision.

Land contained within a short subdivision shall not be short subdivided again for a period of five years from the date of recording of such short subdivision.  Redivision within those five years shall require application as a subdivision.  (Ord. 134-B §4.102, 1982)

17.12.030 Application--Generally.

The purpose of this chapter is to set the information requirements necessary for the planning commission to evaluate a proposed subdivision (short) and to take action within thirty days from the date of application per RCW 58.17.140.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(part), 1982)

17.12.040 Application--Preliminary consultation.

Applicant, or his representative, before preparation of the short plat, may consult with the planning commission and other town officials as necessary, to determine subdivision, zoning, and comprehensive plan requirements.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(a), 1982)

17.12.050 Application--Form and fee.

Application shall be made to the town clerk together with payment of a fee as provided in Section 17.28.060, and providing information required in Sections 17.12.060 and 17.12.070.  An application form shall be available from the town clerk and shall contain the following information:  name, address, and phone number of the applicant; legal owner of the parcel to be short subdivided; legal description of the parcel; zoning classification if applicable; and the date of information.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(b), 1982)

17.12.060 Application--Map.

Six copies of the short plat shall be provided giving the following information:

A.  Tentative plan:  a neat map showing boundaries of the property, lot area in square feet, proposed lot lines, lot dimensions, existing rights-of-way, street dimensions, easements, northpoint, scale and date, name of owner or authorized person, and the name and phone number of the person preparing the map(s);

B.  Utilities:  location and sizes of existing utilities, including sewer and water, fire hydrants, stormdrains, electricity and communication lines;

C.  Structures:  location of any existing structures;

D.  Hazards:  location of hazard areas as indicated on the town's hazards maps, showing areas subject to flooding, landsliding, wetlands, sinkholes, or other hazards;

E.  Open spaces:  locations and square footages of open spaces, including common open spaces and existing buffers, screens and landscaped areas.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(c), 1982)

17.12.070 Application--Written information.

Written information to be provided shall be as follows:

A.  Title report:  a preliminary title report, indicating any taxes or assessments against the property;

B.  Ownership:  ownerships of the property, covenants, restrictions, and collective maintenance agreements, if applicable;

C.  SEPA checklist:  if applicable.  (Ord. 134-B §4. 103(d), 1982)

17.12.080 Clerk responsibility.

The town clerk shall ensure that all information is present from the applicant and shall prepare a separate file for each application.  The clerk shall then coordinate gathering the input from those persons whose expertise is needed in reviewing the proposed short subdivision, such as the town planner, fire chief, superintendent of public works, police chief and the mayor.  Such input must be received within fifteen days of the date of the application.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(e), 1982)

17.12.090 Building official responsibility.

The building official is responsible for reviewing the application, shall make sure it is complete and shall transmit the application and information to the planning commission.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(f), 1982)

17.12.100 Planning commission responsibility.

A.  The planning commission shall review the proposed short subdivision for conformance with Chapter 17.24, Minimum Standards.  Based upon this review the planning commission shall, within thirty days of the date of the application:

1.  Grant final approval, with or without conditions; or

2.  Grant preliminary approval on conditions that improvements are constructed, conditions met, or revisions made.  Final approval shall take place once the conditions have been met and verified; or

3.  Return the application for revisions and resubmittal; or

4.  Disapprove the short plat.

B.  In approving the short plat the planning commission must make a formal written finding of fact that the proposed short subdivision is in conformity with the current comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(g), 1982)

17.12.110 Signature and recording.

A.  Upon approval by the planning commission, the applicant shall have a registered surveyor prepare a short plat.  This shall then be signed by the planning commission chairperson, the town engineer and those signatures shall constitute final approval of the application.

B.  Once signed, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to have the short plat recorded by the county auditor and to return a copy with recording certificate to the town clerk.  The short subdivision shall not be final until the short plat is so filed.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(h), 1982)

17.12.120 Appeal.

The decision of the planning commission may be appealed by any aggrieved person to the town council, provided the appeal is made in writing within ten days of adoption of findings by the planning commission.  (Ord. 134-B §4.103(i), 1982)