Chapter 17.24


17.24.010  Conformance review.

17.24.020  Applicability to both short subdivisions and subdivisions.

17.24.030  Applicability only to subdivisions.

17.24.010 Conformance review.

The planning commission shall, with the assistance of its consulted parties, review a proposed short subdivision or a proposed subdivision for conformance with the following minimum standards.  The town engineer shall provide the necessary specifications and construction details for the minimum standards to the subdivider at his request.  (Ord. 134-B §5.101, 1982)

17.24.020 Applicability to both short subdivisions and subdivisions.

Minimum standards applicable to both short subdivisions and subdivisions shall be as follows:

A.  Conformance to the intent and purpose of the comprehensive plan;

B.  Conformance to the zoning ordinance or land development ordinance and health regulations;

C.  Subdivision design which is appropriate to the intended use; the character of the surrounding area; and which gives consideration to flooding potential, fire protection and police protection;

D.  Adequate water supply and sewage disposal;

E.  A fire hydrant within three hundred feet of each lot and with fire flow to the satisfaction of the fire chief;

F.  Storm drainage facilities adequate to drain the short subdivision or subdivision, yet cause no impact to other property owners.  Stormdrains shall be used wherever possible as opposed to open ditches;

G.  Minimum lot frontage as required by the zoning ordinance or land development ordinance;

H.  No direct access from lots onto high volume arterials except where no other access is possible;

I.  Utility easements shall be at least ten feet wide;

J.  Underground utilities, wherever possible, including, but not limited to, electric, telephone and cable TV lines;

K.  All lots shall have access to a public right-of-way.  (Ord. 134-B §5.102, 1982)

17.24.030 Applicability only to subdivisions.

In addition to the minimum standards in Section 17.24.020, subdivisions shall also be required to meet the following list of minimum standards:

A.  A street system designed for safety, convenience and integration with other streets;

B.  Street intersections shall have adequate sight distance;

C.  Widths of rights-of-way and paving shall meet town specifications;

D.  Cul-de-sacs shall not exceed six hundred sixty feet in length, shall have a right-of-way radius of at least forty-five feet, and shall have a paved radius of at least thirty feet;

E.  Alleys shall be at least twenty feet in width, if applicable;

F.  Where an abutting public right-of-way is substandard in width, additional right-of-way shall be deeded to bring it up to standard on that side;

G.  Improvements shall include two-inch asphalt paving with adequate ballast, curbs and gutters, and four-foot-wide sidewalks and constructed to standards of the American Public Works Association;

H.  If a subdivider is required by the town to install water mains and/or sewer mains larger than his subdivision requires to implement the development of the comprehensive plan, the town will negotiate the installation of the larger main(s) and reimburse the subdivider for the additional cost of the larger facilities.  If bids are required then a percentage of the cost will be determined prior to bid award;

I.  Plat and all streets shall be named, and names shall not be used which duplicate, or which may be confused with, those already in existence.  (Ord. 134-B §5.103, 1982)